Holy Hell

Michael Hertz: “Holy Hell” is not a famous movie. Yet in an odd way, it explains our crazy, Trump-infested world.

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Is Donald Trump F-ing With Your Love Life?

Treva Brandon: Politics, especially in dating, has become a lighting rod, a third rail of attraction or revulsion. Everything is supercharged, and everyone is hot and bothered.

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The Democracy Zone: Theater of the People, By the People, For the People

Ed Rampell: The rest of this world premiere production presented by the Harold Clurman Laboratory Theater Company at the Art of Acting Studio Los Angeles is also quite cinematic, a fast moving, often comic pastiche with seven filmic vignettes commenting on America’s contemporary political scene

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The Misogynoir of Rock: Shredding While Black and Female

Sikivu Hutchinson: Bound by blacker-than-thou identity politics, respectable black women have always been warned to beware of such musical apostasy.  Why would “real sistas” want to listen to, much less play, that “white boy music”? 

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What Does Netflix’s “War Machine” Tell Us?

Walter G. Moss: A constant reoccurring problem that the USA has had in its various military and political interventions in Latin America, and countries such as Vietnam, Iran, Iraq, and Afghanistan is that the governments we support are corrupt and/or undemocratic, and have different goals than we do.

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Jeff Corey: Improvising Out Loud

If Corey, in a  family backyard and a refurbished Los Angeles garage (his own, in fact), trained a generation of screen, television and stage artists, this remarkable saga begins with…the blacklist.

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