Hologram for the King Right on Time

Bill Meyer: The whole film feels as fanciful and fake as the empty city. It was filmed in Morocco, Boston, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia, but the fact it doesn’t make the country look very appealing, I doubt much was filmed in Saudi Arabia.

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Wishy-Washyngtoon: The Oscar Presenter Who Stabbed Anita Hill in the Back

Ed Rampell: Compounding this egregious travesty and transgression, for one of the few times in Oscar’s nearly 90-year history, the presenter was actually a high-ranking member of the current U.S. executive branch, thus blatantly politicizing an entertainment awards event. (Paging Dr. Goebbels!)

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Why Feel Good TV?

Mario Solis-Marich: I am part of a group that knows that this is the time for a supplemental diet of Feel Good TV. Why? Because right now Americans are hungry for it.

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Are Hormones in Milk Harming Your Health?

Carole Bartolotto: While we have stopped the use of recombinant bovine growth hormone (rbGH), diary cows in the US are typically always pregnant so the milk from those cows will be much higher in the estrogen and progesterone than nonpregnant cows.

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Dignity’s Future

Robert Fuller: In the last few centuries, the face of slavery has morphed from ball-and-chain coercion to the indirect exploitation of wage slavery: miss a single paycheck and face life on the street.

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