Our Brand Is Crisis, Twice

Bill Meyer: Our Brand Is Crisis seemingly takes no position but simply exposes the many underhanded ways that consultants use deceptive commercials and scare tactics to get their candidate elected.

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The Music Man: A Postscript

Ralph Shaffer: I have long been puzzled by the great age difference between Marian the librarian and her little brother Winthrop in The Music Man. He’s less than 10 – hard to tell how old – and Marian must be about 30. Here’s the explanation.

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Collateral Damage

Gary Corseri: We were sorry to hear the bombs that were meant to fall on a home adjacent to yours (and one more, down a block or two) have lamentably ruined your daughter’s wedding, blowing her up in her new white dress, along with the groom, and his mother and yours, and several children and dogs and cats.

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Show Me a Hero and the Tragedy of Egoism

Walter Moss: True heroes are more often the people who go quietly about their lives helping others, and only occasionally are they those who receive great recognition for such caring, but don’t seek it, like Dorothy Day and Pope Francis.

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Chicken From China

June Pagan: Do you really want to serve your child a product that may contain chicken that was processed in a country that known to have high pollution levels of heavy metals and chemicals in their water and soil?

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The Perfect Son, a Novel of Love and Growth

Walter G. Moss: In an interview at the end of the book, White states that she had “long been fascinated by the 80 percent divorce rate among families raising special-needs kids.”

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