Florence of the Trachea: Go With the Flo

Ed Rampell: Based on the real life, eponymous Jenkins, it is a saga about a woman with limited (if any) vocal talent who somehow managed to pursue a career singing classical music.

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When a Hot Dog Grille Went Code Red at St. Ann’s Annual Novena

or the past 10 years, I tried to make up for lapses in weekly Sunday church envelope contributions by working as a volunteer at the St. Ann Novena food stand. To impose penance and exact a measure of punishment for not being a “good giver” I consistently requested to work at the Novena’s busy food […]

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Why Feel Good TV?

Mario Solis-Marich: I am part of a group that knows that this is the time for a supplemental diet of Feel Good TV. Why? Because right now Americans are hungry for it.

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Love Decoded

Laurie Agard: A courageous group of highly credentialed scholars from almost every discipline imaginable are coming together for a weekend in New York to try and decode love!

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Cartoon History of Humanism

Eric Gordon: At least a dozen of the author’s characters — who in the author’s words “nudged up the boundaries of human potential” — would make suitable subjects for playwrights, screenwriters and librettists for musical theatre.

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