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Maybe It’s Time To Go On A Digital Dating Diet

Treva Brandon Scharf: All that searching, swiping, typing, texting, winking, liking, browsing and chatting is practically a full-time job. Add in the lack of follow up from potential dates, and you can see why my friend is frustrated.

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Pigs, Sex, Rock ‘n’ Roll and Race

Ed Rampell: Before there was Fox-TV’s Empire, there was John Dolphin, who from 1948-1958 was an African American impresario and entrepreneur who pioneered “Race music” at a critical time when Rock ‘n’ Roll was being born.

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Dystopia Blues – Who Will Write a Song about Ice Caps Melting When All Music Dies?

Paul Haeder: I will continue the fight, all the laurels thrown back at the undeserving, so many of the punishment and superficial class seated in their fourth grade educations (like Mr. Trump) or limelighted in the heat of the reckless “higher halls of academia” highlighted by the media monsters that are in the back-pockets of the millionaire and billionaire class.

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Raymond Myles and the Rocky Road to Redemption

Michael Sigman: His music was the most riveting, uplifting and poignant soul music I had ever heard. And his message of hope touched me in ways that helped me to make changes in my own life.

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Why Feel Good TV?

Mario Solis-Marich: I am part of a group that knows that this is the time for a supplemental diet of Feel Good TV. Why? Because right now Americans are hungry for it.

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Love Decoded

Laurie Agard: A courageous group of highly credentialed scholars from almost every discipline imaginable are coming together for a weekend in New York to try and decode love!

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Winona LaDuke: A Bard for Environmental Justice

Georgianne Nienaber: Winona LaDuke’s latest book reads like a prayer. These are holy words— inspirational stories taken straight from the heart of indigenous communities throughout the world.

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