I Am Not Your Negro

Bill Meyer: The film’s powerful structure utilizing rare videos and photos and personal writings of Baldwin, and at the same time aligning them with contemporary issues of police brutality and race relations, creates a mesmerizing awareness of the continuity in the struggle for civil rights.

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Can You Find the Love in Being Single?

Treva Brandon Scharf: There’s a lot to love about being single: you’ve got freedom and independence, you can come and go as you please, and you can do what you want when you want. You can go out, get laid, and not have to answer to anybody.

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Maid in the Shade: Uncivil Servants

Ed Rampell: Genet explores how having a subservient, low status job affects the psychology of those (supposedly) born to serve their social “betters.”

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The Foundation • choice

Paul Lojeski: The Saudis dumped a mountain of urine- stained bills into the Foundation’s bloody mouth, a midnight payment for a fleet of slick black bombers…

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Love in Brooklyn and The Danish Girl

Walter Moss: In most long-standing loving relationships, romantic love has to be expanded to such a deeper love or it will fade. The years can transform us from the beautiful or handsome young lovers we once were.

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Love Decoded

Laurie Agard: A courageous group of highly credentialed scholars from almost every discipline imaginable are coming together for a weekend in New York to try and decode love!

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John Le Carré’s World

Murray Polner: Devotees of his unique genre of novels, as I am, admire Le Carré for his exemplary spy stories that evoke the lies and myths of our ambiguous, confrontational and bewildering times. ‎

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