About Gary Corseri

Gary Corseri has published novels, collections of poetry, and his dramas have appeared on Atlanta-PBS and elsewhere. His work has appeared at periodicals and websites worldwide, and he has performed his work at the Carter Presidential Library. [email protected]

What Next?

Naked Ape

Gary Corseri: Consider the Naked Ape! Tell them: “The team is All!” They’ll gladly kill for the team! (Just tell them when they’re small!); The things they learn in youth; They’ll carry to the grave.

When Kathy Kelly Went to Jail

Kathy Kelly in Prison

Gary Corseri: When Kathy Kelly went to jail, the land of the free, home of the brave bent out of shape over deflated footballs; O’Reilly railed at one of his guests who dared to suggest that “American Sniper” was not a really, really good show.

A Review of David Smith-Ferri’s Where Days Are Stones

Where Days Are Stones

Gary Corseri: “Now there is nowhere to hide from their message and the question it implies: War is a horror. Always. What am I doing to stop and prevent it?”



Gary Corseri: Here is grief and love and hatred mixed; In bitter cups, to be drunk at once; Tossing the head back carelessly

Poets Talk with Charles Orloski: Solzhenitsyn, T. S. Eliot, Monica Lewinsky, Thomas Paine, Bertrand Russell, et. al. 

poets talk

Gary Corseri: We don’t much think about aftermaths in America! We’re pretty much trained NOT to have foresight—to “go along to get along,” to “go with the flow,” etc.! Of course, we don’t explore the past, either!.

Tom Paine’s Bones

tom paine

Gary Corseri: Go down to the Valley Forge, Tom Paine; go down to the Valley Forge: four thousand ghosts of an idea stand guttering in the siege of winter, slow-jogging in their ragged socks while the Master General broods; while the Master General writes and begs aid from the wavering French.

Ten Reasons Why I Refuse To Be Poet Laureate of These United States

Poet Laureate

Gary Corseri: I don’t want to hobnob with the Secretaries of State and Defense and pretend I like the Kiplingesque poems they like.

Obama Explains Why We Need Another War

Why We Need Another War

Gary Corseri: He says we must defeat them over there So they don’t kill Aunt Margaret over here (or Mom or Pop or me or you)…

They Tell Me Not To Spell Out “Sh*t”!

Spell Out Shit

Gary Corseri: Some folks I know won’t write out G_d. I’ve always found that somewhat o_d. Wouldn’t the All-Seeing One Know the heart of everyone?

Revolutionary Rats

revolutionary rats

Gary Corseri: You’re a rat in a maze and you can’t get out. The rats are eating the other rats. How do you like this luscious rat food? Gorge your full on the putrid cats!

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