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Gary Corseri has published novels, collections of poetry, and his dramas have appeared on Atlanta-PBS and elsewhere. His work has appeared at periodicals and websites worldwide, and he has performed his work at the Carter Presidential Library. [email protected]

“Never Forget”: for Rachel Corrie


Note: American peace activist Rachel Corrie was crushed to death on March 16, 2003, while trying to stop an Israeli Defense Force (IDF) armored bulldozer from demolishing Palestinian homes in the occupied Gaza Strip. arely a woman, twenty three years old– Soft, vulnerable…. Surely, the Monster Will stop in its tracks! She steels her will, […]

Hypocritical, Decadent US Preaches “Freedom” to Our Dying World


t is the most misused, most misunderstood word in the American lexicon—“freedom.” But, what is it? Who has it? Example: Just as the U.S and South Korea are about the embark on provocative military “exercises” on the divided Korean peninsula, our UN puppets declare the head of North Korea a “war criminal” on the same […]

Safe Passage…with a Big If


A Review of Paul Craig Roberts’ The Failure of Laissez Faire Capitalism ere’s a book that presents its theses nimbly, deftly, consummately. Roberts can be as “elegant” as a mathematical proof, and as down-to-earth, colloquial, no-B.S. as a man who has walked the windy labyrinths of power, observing closely, “testing axioms on the pulses,” and finding […]

Planetary Consciousness and the Tears of the World


Planetary Consciousness and the Tears of the World: A Review of Carolyn Baker’s Collapsing Consciously ne can open this 173-page book just about anywhere, read a few pages, and have something to contemplate and meditate for the rest of the day, or several days, or a lifetime. The book is divided into 2 parts: “Collapse, […]

Lynne Stewart, Our Lady Mandela, in the Season of Giving


he is ten feet tall… and dying in her cage. While Obama and Cameron take “selfies,” shedding crocodile tears, our Lady Mandela gazes over the path she has made by her walking. After his funeral, American drones kill fifteen people in Yemen. (Where in the world is Yemen?) American shoppers rampage, and trample those in […]



hen the Great Man died the hypocrites came out and cried, “When shall we see his likes again?” But, secretly they said, “He was a troublesome spirit in his youth, but we broke him. “(Breaking rocks in the sun year after year will break the hardest men.) “The seasons changed… and he was ‘suitable.’ (We’d […]

Prologue: A Conversation with Diane Wakoski About Bay of Angels and Crashing Through Mirrors.”


“I had been dreaming a complicated dream about helping poets revise their poems, so that each ending would open like a flower.  I was not arguing, but engaged in a rousing discussion.” –Diane Wakoski (from the Introduction to Bay of Angels) m sure that any “literary” person, any then-nascent-feminist, any now-graybeard-hippie remembers Diane Wakoski from the 60s/70s […]

Frost at Midnight: The Lost Poem


Verse-Drama in One Act By Gary Corseri Synopsis Awakened by a nightmare, Frost attempts to exorcise his demons by writing a poem. In the middle of his efforts, he’s confronted by Carole, the son lost to him by suicide. Characters Robert Frost–  The poet, about 60. Mrs. Frost–  His wife, late 50s. Carole Frost–  Their […]

American Acrostic, 2013


“USA! USA! USA!” The chimps all chant in unison at Spectator sports events, As though the fervency of their belief would, Invariably, alter the outcome. Seems a coupla thousand yrs ago At coliseums up and down the Italian Peninsula, crazed crowds Opined similarly, swearing, by Jove, Lovely ladies could be raped by boars If they […]

Pursuit of Happiness: Jefferson, Chief Seattle, Helen Keller


’m 17 or 18 and my parents have decided to buy me a new typewriter to replace the old East German “Optima” I’ve shared with my siblings since junior high!  (Not sure to this day how we got an East German typewriter during the Cold War-nutty 50s and 60s, but… it worked well, even if it […]