How to Avoid the Hazards of Online Job-Hunting


n ancient times, applying for employment typically commenced with submitting a resume and cover letter. Nowadays, a handful of keystrokes is all you need to throw your virtual hat in the online ring, and the opportunities for mistakes, misunderstandings and malaprops have increased geometrically. In need of a part-time assistant, I recently posted an ad […]

Tech Leave You Cold? Major in Philosophy!


f I had to choose one word to explain why I chose philosophy as my college major, that word would be “Nausea.” I’m talking, of course, about Nausea, Jean Paul Sartre’s 1938 novel featuring a character so gloriously miserable one might say he put the “agonist” in “protagonist.” I read the book during the summer of […]

At the End of the End of the Day…


t the end of the day and with of 20/20 hindsight, any Monday morning quarterback can see that the recent government shutdown/debt ceiling debacle raises a truckload of questions for millions of ordinary (yet exceptional) hard-working middle-class American families. Most of the discussions among these good, god-fearing men and women — who work hard and […]

A Few Answers About ‘Answer Me’


nswer me this: What 60-year-old song co-written by a German and an American reached No. 1 on the UK singles charts by two different singers at the same time; was penned by an atheist but banned by the BBC for its “religious” content; was secularized by said atheist via a change of three syllables; subsequently became […]

Lennon-McCartney Melodies Linger On and On, Across the Universe


hen I asked friends who’ve put in their 10,000 hours of intense pop music listening to pick a favorite melody from the past 50 years, there was no doubt that Lennon-McCartney — who wrote their last song together more than four decades ago — would get a plurality of nods. What does surprise is the variety of […]