“Selma” Through Gay and Lesbian Eyes

Selma Through Gay Eyes

Rev. Irene Monroe: Oprah’s remarks, however, resonated with a generation that’s shaped by a heterosexist male-dominated movement rather than a non-hierarchical, diffuse model with an intersectional analysis that “Black Lives Matter” activists are illustrating.

Do Yourself a Favor: Go See ‘Selma’

Martin Luther King

Steven Singer: For once, you get to see King with all his flaws, fears and doubts. Yes, you get the great orator and leader, but you also get intimate scenes of King taking out the garbage, tucking in his kids at night and his marital problems.

A Southerner Sees Selma

Southerner Sees Selma

Inman Moore: The movie does a fine job of showing that, in spite of human weaknesses on the part of leaders, both Black and White, splendid things can be accomplished.

Muhammad Ali’s Greatest Fight


n regards to HBO’s premiere of the film “Muhammad Ali’s Greatest Fight” at Louisville’s Muhammad Ali Center last Wednesday, Howard Cosell may very well have said: “This was a potent documentary about the greatest pugilist of all time.” HBO spokeswoman Valerie Harris told the invitation only audience, “When Ali was drafted into the Vietnam War […]