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Censorship of Racial Art

Michael T. Hertz: Censorship of art speaking of race has arisen again, this time in San Francisco, where the School Board considered spending $600,000 to paint over a mural. 

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Kiss Me Deadly: America’s First Serial Killer

Ed Rampell: Writer and lyricist Vanessa Claire Stewart has wrought a highly stylized production about America’s first serial killer, H.H. Holmes (Keith Allan of SYFY Network’s Z Nation series), an actual historic figure.

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Walking Late at Night

Dick Price: Picking up her pace and averting her eyes as she approached, she hugged the far side of the walkway and skirted quickly past to avoid my hulking figure.

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ARULA Returns with Stand Up and Cheer Stand-Up Comedy

Ed Rampell: ARULA has gone on to kill two birds with one stone – raising money at stage events that also heighten awareness about issues confronting people as a resurgent reactionary authoritarianism threatens our democracy and freedom.

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