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‘A Great Wilderness’ Leaves Out Polemics in Exploring the World of Gay Conversion

Obie Award-winning playwright Samuel D. Hunter navigates this controversial terrain in A Great Wilderness without stereotyping or ridiculing his characters.


A New Day Dawns

I have no idea what eighty would feel like. I use a cane only as an affectation: it makes me feel European.


‘Everybody:’ Modern-Day Morality Play about Death, Says Much About Life

If the original play was Christian, it’s clear by now that we are talking about Everybody, far beyond the constraints of belief in any particular form of salvation.

warrior king 2007

The Woman King, Revisited

Using a strategy pioneered by Big Tobacco explaining away lung cancer and Big Oil explaining away global warming, they hired experts to explain how The Woman King is actually anti-slavery.


Saving Souls, Prosperously

Dramas such as “Honk for Jesus. Save Your Soul” require bad news. The Childs’ megachurch closed after a sexual misconduct scandal. There are real-life precedents.

dahmer 2000

Jeffrey Dahmer: White and Gay — Deal With It

The Black LGBTQ community deserves to have the truth told about both Jeffrey Dahmer and Ed Buck, and that starts with the fact that they are both white gay men who killed Black gay men.