Jeff Cohen and The Corporate Coup d’Etat

Bill Meyer: “The corporate state is the near-total integration of corporate elites into the state, whereby it acts as an instrument of private profit and minority rule, while shrinking public participation.”

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Cuba See

Ed Rampell: The contemporary dance troupe of 11 hoofers is among the Caribbean country’s “hottest,” combining various dancing styles, including modern, ballet, jazz and urban.

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Thoughts on Alzheimer’s and the Film What They Had

Walter G. Moss: The wandering of Ruth, her memory lapses, the love but also frustrations of her spouse, the question of where she can best be cared for, and the dilemmas faced by Ruth’s grown children, all seem real.

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Back to the Dark Ages

Jeremy Kuzmarov: The hysteria about Russian election interference in 2016 is put in context when we consider that the United States has interfered in democratic elections in at least 30 different countries, including in support of Boris Yeltsin in 1996.

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