America’s Best Black-Themed FilmFest Returns

Ed Rampell: PAFF focuses on Black-themed films, ranging from studio pictures to indie productions, with works from Hollywood, the USA, Mother Africa, the Caribbean, Melanesia, Australia and beyond.

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The Eight-Month Prayer

Dick Price: To give me a certain weight with potential donors, I had put “Executive Director” on my business card. To the guys in the house and most of the board members, “House Daddy” fit better.

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The Things We Do For Love: Styx and Stones

Ed Rampell: LA Opera’s world premiere of composer Matthew Aucoin and librettist Sarah Ruhl’s sublime Eurydice is an optically and aurally stunning reinterpretation of the ancient Greek myth about Orpheus.

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Trump Should Reign for 1,000 Years

Mona Shaikh and Ed Rampell — The facts in this Ukrainian instance are unambiguous: The Emperor of the United Snakes attempted to use his power to coerce a foreign leader to harass and discredit one of His Royal Anus’s political opponents.

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