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Unlucky in Love

Dick Price: Telling how I’d stepped away from good-paying jobs—some with paid vacations and full healthcare coverage—to one that paid $400 a month, plus my own room in the halfway house, all the food I could eat and donated clothes I could wear, and gas for my car, that might be a place to start.

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High-Strung—and Well Sung

Ed Rampell: With its themes of alcoholism, broken families, lost loves, shattered friendships, the struggle to be an artist, et al, I suspect that Salvage would have been a fine drama without the music.

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Seeing Peace

Jack Rothman: Oh, say can you see Through dawn’s hazy light The missiles streaming in air Our nukes still there.

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The Tumultuous Life of Fyodor Dostoevsky

Walter G. Moss: Through a variety of techniques, usually by having Dostoevsky state his convictions or argue with someone like the writer Turgenev, the series conveys his post-prison populism and Russian nationalism.

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Censorship of Racial Art

Michael T. Hertz: Censorship of art speaking of race has arisen again, this time in San Francisco, where the School Board considered spending $600,000 to paint over a mural. 

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