South of the Border Like Never Before

Ed Rampell: What I loved about director/co-writer Hari Sama’s This is Not Berlin is that it immersed me (and I suspect most grinning Gringos and other non-Mexicans) into a world I’d never encountered before.

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Censorship of Racial Art

Michael T. Hertz: Censorship of art speaking of race has arisen again, this time in San Francisco, where the School Board considered spending $600,000 to paint over a mural. 

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The Freudian Frankenstein

Ed Rampell: The “monster’s” hideousness causes the scientist to flee and the play explores the Creature’s abandonment issues and a troubled father-son relationship more complex than anything Russian novelist Ivan Turgenev ever wrote.

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A GI Rebellion: When Soldiers Said No to War

Steve Early: As we approach the 50th anniversary of both the Moratorium and Mobilization, it’s worth recalling one critical anti-war constituency whose role was less visible then and remains little acknowledged today.

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The Last Kill Shot

Dick Price: It was overkill, every bit of it—the grunt, the huge swing, the twisting hips, the spray of perspiration, even the unsteady lumbering back toward the middle.

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You’re Not Truly Compatible Unless You Have This

Treva Brandon Scharf: Generally, you have the same sexual tastes, desires, enthusiasm, and sense of adventure or experimentation. You know how to read and please your partner. You’re both respectful and unselfish.

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