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reimagining 2000

Reimagining a Hollywood Classic

A new take on a timeless story showcases the cultural nuance and richness of the Latino culture.

connecticutt 2000

Spending a Weekend in the Wilds of Connecticut

I post on Facebook a comment on the benefits of being a cancelee in this cancel culture (you find out who your true friends are) that is read and liked by 494 persons.

laborers 2000

Can Workers Overseas Provide Tips for U.S. Labor Organizers?

What are some of the “best practices” abroad that might be reproducible in the U.S. to help strengthen workplace protections here?

Bunk-4-Kinderland 800

‘Kinderland’ Visits Two Century-Old Secular Jewish Summer Camps

Kinderland tells the story of two secular Jewish summer camps in upstate New York that have cultivated social activists for almost a century and are still in existence today.

blade runner 1201

Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner at 40

"It’s Quite an Experience to Live in Fear,” But as Roy Batty Teaches, Maybe We Don’t Have To.

pbs newshour 2000

Why I Watch the PBS NewsHour Every Night

Every night I turn on the NewsHour because it respects and welcomes the great diversity of our nation.