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The Black Actress Who Refused To Pass

Her name was Fredi Washington and she descended on Hollywood with a burning mission: to redefine white America’s image of African American women.

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Ashes in the Atlantic (To Nancy Moss, 1939-2022)

But now, my dear, you’re gone for good. Wife, mother, grandmother, only in our hearts and thoughts.

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Drama: Life Trying to Get Our Attention

It was wildly lucky. I switched from surreal and cynical to light comedy as easily as you’d junk a rusty VW and accept the gift of a Jaguar.

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John Sayles’ Matewan, Oligarchies and the Struggle for American History

As a cinematic exposition on the devastation wrought by corporate power, Matewan, offers a particularly incisive vision.

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Charlie: Why I Wrote about Living with a Bird for 30 Years

Charlie is a sentient creature with intentional speech. He’s not a tape recorder or a mimic. We have a relationship.

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Hustle Never Drags

Though the 2022 film is a work of fiction, it brings much truthfulness about life on and off the hardwood courts of the National Basketball Association to viewers.