4 Feminist Films You Should Watch After Hustlers

Milan Pacheco: Steven Soderbergh’s Erin Brockovich starring Julia Roberts is also based on a real-life woman. In this case it is Erin Brockovich, a former legal clerk turned renowned author and environmental activist

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Unlucky in Love

Dick Price: Telling how I’d stepped away from good-paying jobs—some with paid vacations and full healthcare coverage—to one that paid $400 a month, plus my own room in the halfway house, all the food I could eat and donated clothes I could wear, and gas for my car, that might be a place to start.

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When Whiteness Is Mirrored Back at Itself

Irene Monroe: Harmon’s “Admissions” illustrates the length at which high-minded, politically correct and supposedly “woke” white liberals will go to get their children into top-tier colleges and universities, too.

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Seeing Peace

Jack Rothman: Oh, say can you see Through dawn’s hazy light The missiles streaming in air Our nukes still there.

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For the People

Vicki Ryder: Have you heard the awful news? Our Democracy’s bein’ abused. Our Reps have passed Bill HR 1 But all their work is bein’ undone. This bill to keep our voting fair Isn’t going anywhere…

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Censorship of Racial Art

Michael T. Hertz: Censorship of art speaking of race has arisen again, this time in San Francisco, where the School Board considered spending $600,000 to paint over a mural. 

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