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Surviving Breakup Hell

Treva Brandon Scharf: In my 50 years of single life, I visited Breakup Hell a thousand times, and every time I was there, I thought it would be forever, and my healing was years away.

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Screwy Scary: A Harrowing Halloween Hit Returns

Ed Rampell: Screw dares to touch upon the theme of child-adult sexual encounters, which makes it a very chilling story and certainly not one to bring the kiddies or more sensitive souls to.

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Bawl Over Beethoven, Tell Tchaikovsky the Blues

Ed Rampell: Philosophically this gloomy one-man exercise is more “odious” than “Ode.” Felder mentions Beethoven’s politics only in passing and otherwise overlooks Ludwig van’s rendering in music the Age of Reason’s noblest sentiments.

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Walker Buehler’s Three Innings Off

Enough about Trump, Cohen, Giuliani, and the Democrats’ prospects in November. Let’s discuss what’s really important: Dodgers manager Dave Roberts should have let Walker Buehler, who had a no-hitter after six innings, stay in the game until he gave up a hit. On Friday, Buehler, Tony Cingrani, Yimi Garcia, and Adam Liberatore teamed up to […]

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