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inequity for sale 1200

How Land Sale Contracts Looted Black Wealth and Gutted Chicago Communities

Through a public art project titled “Inequity For Sale,” artist Tonika Lewis Johnson illuminated the history of this theft.

mlk memorial 2000

Go Sculpt It on the Mountain

Certainly Martin Luther King deserves to be on a mountaintop, but he's not the only Black hero to have monumentally influenced American history and culture.

Hunters in Snow 1200

The Art and Tragedies of Andrei Tarkovsky and Pieter Bruegel in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction

The sublime images of a bucolic environment establish the centrality of the natural world, with the film’s protagonist cast as a thoughtful man of duty ready to travel through the nebulous regions of space for the betterment of scientific knowledge.


‘I Can’t Breathe’ Centers Murders of Black American Men

Unarmed fictionalized characters from different walks of life sing of how their interactions with law enforcement went so horribly wrong, and lives are forever changed.

Vietnam War

Heading to the Graveyard to Pay Respects

Government by a few people for the benefit of some of their people is a dishonor to the dead. Let’s do better.

farewell to arms 2000

A Farewell to Arms?

It is a dangerous thing to speak supportively in the US about the plight of Palestinians, to question the policies and practices of Israel.