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I have a dream for the men, women and children of Ukraine and champions of human rights, justice and democracy everywhere: that when the Academy Awards are presented on Sunday evening the voice of Hollywood and all creative communities stands tall in support of the heroic and historic people of Ukraine, who are courageously battling for their lives and freedom and ultimately ours.

Every day we witness acts of sadistic violence and brutality against the people of Ukraine. And every day we witness acts of courage and valor by the people of Ukraine. And every day we witness the support the people of Ukraine receive from passionate and decent and noble men and women around the world who stand with them—-which gives them enormous inspiration to know that they are not alone, that in this struggle we are all Ukrainians.

For many generations the creative communities of America and the world have risen to the occasion opposing unjust wars and supporting just wars such as the war against fascism in the 1930’s and 1940’s.

To paraphrase President Kennedy, with the illegal invasion of Ukraine that is now under investigation for war crimes by the International Criminal Court, now the trumpet summons us again. The creative communities again have a special role to play in support of those who are victims of criminal violence and fighting for their survival as human beings, and the survival of their nation.

With the Academy Awards approaching, co-host Amy Schumer offered the wonderful idea that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky be given the opportunity to address the ceremony through a live or taped presentation.

My hope is that the producers and event managers will accept this suggestion which would be inspirational to all in the live audience, those enjoying the ceremony across the nation and around the world, and the brave people of Ukraine who would witness one more profound example of the support they are receiving from multitude of good people across the globe.

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Creative stars and celebrities have already begun supporting the great cause in powerful ways. For example actors Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher donated $3,000,000 to their own “Stand with Ukraine” fundraiser for a GoFundMe campaign. As of this week they helped raise almost $35 million from more then 72,000 people and companies.

In another sign of the potential power of artistic and business stars who will be sharing the Academy Awards, one person, Larry Ellison, a long term business leader in technology, personally donated $5,000,000 to Stand With Ukraine!!

In a recent column originally in The Hill newspaper and again here in Hollywood Progressive, I proposed a worldwide telethon in support of the people of Ukraine that would further lift their spirits and raise humongous and potentially historic support of money, goods and volunteer time for their great cause.

As the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences meets on Sunday to present the Oscars the indescribably brilliant talent that will be there will have an extraordinary opportunity: to be a powerful voice in support of Ukraine for human rights, civil rights, equal rights, women’s rights, children’s rights and the right to be free of mass murder imposed by a brutal dictator of Russia, Vladimir Putin, during his criminal invasion of Ukraine.

Every day the world witnesses the bombing of civilians, the killing of elderly Ukrainians and children, the bombing of maternal and children’s hospitals, the destruction of shopping malls and schools, the deliberate mass murder of civilians in Ukraine and the mass imprisonment of many courageous Russians protesting the crimes of war in the invasion of Ukraine.

So today I have a dream, on behalf of the people of Ukraine. When many of the most extraordinarily talented people on earth gather to present awards for artistic excellence and creative genius, they add their powerful voice and support and brilliance and conscience to their cause, which is our cause, which is humanity’s cause!