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“After The LockDown: Black In LA” Premieres in Its First Film Festival!

Debra Hayter: Viewers hear the strong voice of Black LA in this current film on COVID-19. “After The LockDown: Black In LA” is a 9-part docuseries that chronicles the stay-at-home experiences of Black Los Angelenos.
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A Film Addressing Black Americans’ Survival in the Age of the Pandemic

Viewers hear the strong voice of Black LA in this current film on COVID-19. “After The LockDown: Black In LA” is a 9-part docuseries that chronicles the stay-at-home experiences of Black Los Angelenos. The filmmakers, including honorary Oscar-winner Charles Burnett, brought together a group of Black American individuals from various industries, including film, entertainment, healthcare, theology, politics, education, and small business. High profile celebrities, such as the theater and television award-winning Debbie Allen, who is also executive producer of Grey’s Anatomy and philanthropical projects (which include her work as a choreographer), offered great insights into the complexities of the African American people affected by COVID-19.

Other noteworthy participants include actor and director Bill Duke, recipient of numerous awards, including a nomination for the critically acclaimed film, “A Rage in Harlem”; Sheryl Lee Ralph, Tony Award-winning actress, vocalist, and political activist; Ayuko Babu, executive director of the Pan African Film Festival and international cultural, political and legal consultant specializing in Pan African affairs. Pastor James McKnight, head of The Congregational Church of Christian Fellowship in Los Angeles; film and television director Rusty Cundieff, director of Chapelle’s Show and “Tales from the Hood” and his wife, Trina, an indie producer; film producer and writer Angela Hutchinson; Bruce ‘Automatic’ Vanderveer and wife, Ebony, owners of InRage Entertainment make appearances as well.

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The docuseries gives personal insight into Blacks in LA, who represent only a small portion of those affected throughout the U.S. However, facts have shown that there is significant and implicit bias and racial discrimination toward their community. This is why the producers of the docuseries were inspired to come onboard with making this project. They recognized the Black community needed a representative voice to tell their stories, to relate to the rest of the world how the virus has disproportionately taken a higher toll on their lives, and why this has happened.

This compelling docuseries also explores the issue of why Black Americans are more vulnerable to COVID-19. Participating in this discussion is Dr. David Carlisle, President of Charles R. Drew University of Medicine and Science. Dr. Carlisle is a published author in health policy, quality of care, medical education diversity, and eliminating health disparities. Other participants include Dominique DiPrima, popular radio host; California State Senator Holly Mitchell; and Councilman Bernard Parks.

Local Black businesses get to share their experiences during the pandemic as well. These guests include owners of Malik Books, Southern Girl Desserts, InRage Entertainment, Stuff I Eat, Coiffures Salon, Reel Urban News, Kaos Network, Hotville Chicken and more.

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In the spirit of hope, the film delves into issues which can realistically turn into solutions to help and heal the Black community. Sage advice comes from Nina Harawa, Ph.D., Darnell Hunt, Ph.D., Dr. David Carlisle, Dominique DiPrima, State Senator Holly Mitchell and Councilman Bernard Parks.

“After The LockDown: Black In LA” is directed by a family of LA based filmmakers: Joy Shannon, her nephew, Jonathan Burnett, and his father, Charles Burnett. It is nominated for two awards: Outstanding Documentary and Outstanding Producers. The online premiere of “After The LockDown: Black In LA” will be December 18 -24 in the US Hollywood International Golden Film Awards Festival

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