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Holy Hell

Michael Hertz: “Holy Hell” is not a famous movie. Yet in an odd way, it explains our crazy, Trump-infested world.

[dc]“H[/dc]e was grooming me. I didn't see it then, but it's so obvious now. I wanted a mentor; a teacher. When I got around him more, that's when I was like, 'Oh my God, he's an asshole.'" For 22 years, Will Allen immersed himself 24/7 in Buddhafield, a Los Angeles cult with hundreds of members and a narcissistic, sociopathic leader named Michel Rostand. The group would live, work and meditate together, banishing all ties to their family in the hope of finding greater enlightenment. Their spiritual guru would, in turn, psychologically torture and brainwash his disciples on a daily basis.

holy hell

“Holy Hell” is not a famous movie. Yet in an odd way, it explains our crazy, Trump-infested world. We understand that our President is a narcissistic leader. Yes, and a sociopath as well. The story of how hundreds of people joined Buddafield in the hopes of learning more about themselves, only to find themselves trapped in a world of torture and brainwashing, is unfortunately almost common in America. We remember the Branch Davidians, the Manson Family, Heaven’s Gate, the Jonestown Massacre. We continue to live with Scientology.

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“Holy Hell” is not a famous movie. Yet in an odd way, it explains our crazy, Trump-infested world.

But when you listen to the stories of those former members who survived “Holy Hell,” you cannot help but realize that our entire country is living in a cultish world, in which our “leader” is ripping us off in the name of democracy and liberty. “Donald Trump is a cult leader. His followers are so entranced that he can shoot someone on Fifth Avenue and no one will blink an eyelash. They are drinking his Kool-Aid. You asked the question on CNN today as to why Trump has gotten this far. It is because he is leading a cult. Jim Jones's group drank the Kool-Aid.

Phillipe Couquet, one of the Buddhafield victims, explains what happened this way:

Some people have such a need to take other people's energy that when it comes to them, it feeds them. It's like a vampiric thing. And there are many people that we've seen, like Donald Trump for instance, who does this really well. The more people feed him, the monster gets bigger and bigger. It was almost like a mosquito, how they just suck your blood until they pop. Also, a lot of us wanted somebody to give our power to, somebody to help guide us along.

We’ve seen this sort of thing many times in history, as the masses give their power to the leader and the leader takes charge and destroys the society. Hitler is our most recent example, but Trump may become the one who burns most brightly in our minds. There’s every chance that Trump will tear down the greatness of America as he seeks to build his own personal glory.


Michael T. Hertz