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Instant Healing before Lou Gehrig's Wallet Ever Felt a Flea-Market Tingle

Sometimes a fellow's bladder overfill problems in wee hours of morning result in dramatic pay-off. This morning, after urinal bowl discharge, I felt quite awake, turned on T.V., a Turner Classic Movie Channel (TCM) film underway, a 1976 science-fiction movie “Logan's Run,” starring Michael York and Farrah Fawcett. Not quite knowing yet what was going on, I watched as a far-out eugenicist medical team prepared to place skeptical Mr. Logan # 5 (Michael York) into a contraption resembling an M.R.I. capsule. The year was 2274, Logan 5's in a hedonistic society that worships youth – the Ruling Class prevents over-population by killing everyone who reaches age 30. At 61 years old, tuned in to prostrate and other bodily security threat Awarenesses, I listened to the skilled operator of “Logan's Run” vaporization machine, known as the “Carousel.”

logan's run

Evidently pushing magic number, 30-years-old, Mr. Logan # 5 (Michael York) also listened to the Carousel operator's consoling words, “'s instant healing my son, before you feel a thing.” Fortunately, Logan # 5 had rebellious impulses, desired to live longer, escaped, later swam in creepy Potomac River with Farrah Fawcett, nearby Washington D.C. monuments & Capitol building overgrown with vines, and inhabited by one old man in need of haircut and Botox. Fortunately, my bladder held until “Logan's Run” end, as of this writing, there's no such approved American technology like the Carousel, but I did not ever expect to see weaponized drones “vaporizing” Muslim civilians in my lifetime.

The 1980s were a big decade in my life. Come 1984, matriculating at University of Scranton “Dexter Hanley College,” I quit my 10-year job as dockworker at Roadway Express, Inc.. Management was poised to vaporize my employment with dozens of suspensions, for example, misloading freight, low productivity, damaging cargo, and my personal favorite charge, “creating a disturbance.” At Jesuit U. of Scranton, I studied Russian History and Politics in the U.S.S.R. Reading Solzhenitsyn's controversial Warning to the West, and observing President Ronald Reagan's vaporization of the Air Traffic Controllers Union and arming of the Contras, coming rather late to the bigger political game well underway, I sensed something radically amiss in my country. America had become a society that worshiped material goods, hedonistic, self-indulgent, a new “Evil” empire steadily headed for historical trash bin. How would one know by September 2001, and US revengeful aftermath, a Constitutional-Republic vaporization “Carousel” would take effect?

Doubtless, swindle, fraud, and empty government promises will be “always with us.” In mid-1980s, such was something one could count-on, “believe in.” For example, in 1980s religious “private sector,” Jim & Tammy Fay Baker launched successful televangelism, created the show, “Praise the Lord.” The charismatic odd couple managed to swindle millions of followers, and reportedly raised $1 million in contributions per week. To their credit, the Bakers did not arm Contra death-squads, instead they built Heritage USA theme park, South Carolina. Of course, things worked well for Jim Baker until his cheating affair with Jessica Hahn hit headlines, and exposed & humiliated by 1987, heir to P.T.L. Kingdom, Jerry Falwell, described Jim Baker as, “the greatest scab and cancer on the face of Christianity's 2,000-year history.”

By 2008, Americans were shocked & awed by sophisticated financial swindles and immoral, unnecessary but highly ideological and profitable wars for the benefit of an elite Corporate class. As working life became increasingly hostile, fuel, food, & family health care ever-rising, loss of homes to foreclosure, G.W. Bush's Treasury Henry Paulson came through for crooked Big-Banks and Wall Street firms. As American 401Ks took devastating hits, good-paying jobs “off-shored,” a presidential campaign was halted in order to prevent 10 percenter wealth from vaporizing, and Congress passed the “Emergency Economic Stabilization Act.” Firms like Goldman Sachs received a portion of $700 billion which was created out of debt, and passed on to American generations, maybe extending to “Logan's Run,” sci-fi year, 2274. Jack Abramoff friends & Bernie Madoff's investors had to eat scallops instead of lobster tail; average guys like me had nothing much more to lose, feasted upon McDonalds' dollar cheeseburgers. In 2012, I read Naomi Klein's endarkened book, The Shock Doctrine, watched TCM Nicholas and Alexandria, and in turn, learned what smarter-than-thou privilege, greed & glitz can do to a 21st century empire.

To conclude this essay, my country, left & right, inclusive of all ages, we are unwittingly trapped inside “Logan's Run” – a slow & selective vaporization “Carousel” process is underway. Just tapping upon an old P.C. keyboard black & white letters, please let me introduce a Pennsylvania couple, my two-decade-long friends, Scott and Wendy, and their dreadful experience in facing Wendy's A.L.S. diagnosis, emphasizing the family's devoted method to sustain her life. Un-shark like business people, Scott and Wendy's tragedy hit emotionally hard, including physical wear & tear too.

Pardon the station break, thank you for patience, and I shall proceed. (Note: For practical concerns & protection of innocent, I avoided issuing Scott and Wendy's surname.)

By 2001, Scott and Wendy were most happily married for nearly 20 years, lived north of beautiful Pennsylvania State College, “Happy Valley,” in a country home which reminded me of T.V. family Cartwrights' spread, “Bonanza.” The couple did not achieve such success by quick & easy methods. High school “sweet-hearts,” Scott and Wendy married, and started a towing & recovery business -- a very difficult, demanding, & hands-on enterprise. Such business generates lots of revenue over time. When “ten-wheeler” tractor-trailers get in highway accidents, Scott's company would dispatch to scenes, tow and recover vehicle wreckage. While Scott operated “roll-back” equipment,Wendy stayed at base, staffed incoming calls, kept “the books,” raised two children, did housework. What's unique here for Hollywood Progressive readers, Scott and Wendy exhibited family values which resembled T.V.'s once popular, Little House on the Prairie. Not to overidealize such American families, but they loved, worked very hard, raised Alpacas on farm, organized a Live-Creche around Christmastime. Amazing for one-embittered like me to say, towing & recovery employees loved Scott and Wendy, and despite an impossible re-location from Taylor Borough home, I once asked them if I could make application. “I'll have one sent to you, Chuck,” replied Wendy.

Come late 2007, Wendy returned from Hershey Medical examination and cryptic diagnosis, afflicted by ALS. She best get her life in order. Wendy's case advanced, “there's not much hope remaining for you.” By then the family was quite well-off, Scott's towing company evolved into a Pennsylvania Emergency Management Association-certified emergency spill response team. He'd do what he could to keep Wendy alive, what funds available, no “cap spending-ceiling” when it came to keeping ALS at bay. Their son and daughter both agreed, they preferred mother alive rather than having vacations. Wendy and Scott tried several options for disease abatement, for example, holistic-care, weeks at a Florida-based spa. A few false dawns, meek signs of health improvement, one day someone knocked at their door.

On porch, Scott's close friend and 17-year-old son stood, rather excited. While touring area backyard “flea markets,” the young man found a D.V.D., advertising Mr. Dean Kraft's “psychic energy healing” enterprise. He presented the D.V.D. for Wendy and Scott's evaluation, Mr. Kraft's website credentials impressed, comforting words, “when there's nothing more to do for you.” No doubt, there was nothing much more “to-do” for rapidly deteriorating Wendy. .

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One evening, at home, I received a telephone call from Scott. Enthusiastic, he explained the remarkable and reportedly scientific psychic-energy healing services offered by Dean Kraft. Based in Manhattan, New York City, Scott planned to make an appointment for Wendy, and with some foreboding, Scott indicated the cost for Dean Kraft's one (1) weekend of healing – an astronomical $20,000 per weekend session. Scott emphasized, “yup, Chuck, next weekend we're driving to Manhattan..., never been there, whaddaya think, buddy?” Scott realized I had an ecclesiastic tendency, and since he solicited opinion, I replied,

Well Scott, you have necessary funds to try something like this, and I sort of admire that. But there's an incident described in “Acts of Apostles” where an ambitious guy wanted to cash-in and sell Paul's healing-miracle gifts. I see Mr. Kraft evidently cashes-in on psychic-energy healing gifts, and I am frankly skeptical and worried about such business enterprise. Can I speak my bottom-line, Scott?

“Yup, Chuck, put cards down.”

I hope Dean Kraft's expensive healing-gifts are “Too big-to-fail”

Scott of course listened to my opinion, and I do not know if he caught the socio-political caveat. He wholeheartedly agreed with my old-time-religion perspective, gave thanks, and by next week, Wendy and Scott rode Interstate 80 East, crossed George Washington Bridge, on way to Dean Kraft's Manhattan psychic energy work-place.

Upon return, following Monday, Scott called in order to make report on what transpired during Wendy's psychic-healing session. Upon entering Dean Kraft's very impressive office, Scott described Mr. Kraft as a “very down-to-earth, humble dude.” Upon greeting, Kraft passed-hands inches across Scott's burly chest, the latter explained an incredible micro-wave heat sensation. By first session end, on Sunday, Wendy demonstrated remarkable restoration of limb movement, she regained lost-appetite, Scott indicated they stopped at Burger King, “Wendy ate half a Whopper with cheese, a few french fries!” They paid Dean Kraft, CASH-only, for the $20,000.00 visit fee. Couple traveled home to Central Pennsylvania with a sense of arresting ALS, hope.

Incredible family-love burned, bank account swooned, and Wendy & Scott were committed to Dean Kraft's solution. A practical guy, Scott understood when carburetors and tires were shot, but despite such parts-recognition, the couple returned to Manhattan for nine additional sessions, total expenditure, $200,000 paid in-cash ONLY. Dean Kraft and staff were very professional & encouraging throughout, and doubtless, afterward, Wendy experienced some healing. However, like Logan # 5 in “Logan's Run,” Scott realized Wendy was in nature's Carousel, and they had to escape Mr. Kraft's healing treatments. There was nothing more Dean Kraft's powers and family money could do for Wendy.

chuck orloski

With all its “Exceptionalism”and medical-technological wonders on display, America is still the land of monumental swindle, replete with top-shelf & budget-killing family health care insurance plans. In 2009, Wendy passed away, and just the other day, regretful & embarrassed Scott told how Mr. Kraft & staff tried to make him feel bad about discontinuing Wendy's psychic-energy treatments.

You could have boozed and whored ALS away, I replied to him. In the end, looking to Logan # 5's fiscal year number 2274, Scott's still towing wrecks along I 80 corridor, the gifted Dean Kraft likely maintains lots of very ill, satisfied & wealthy clients, and one can learn more about psychic-energy healing skills here.

Charles Orloski 

Monday, 16 September 2013