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Basic Blackjack Strategy: Earn Easy Money with Free Games & Strategies

Get the basic strategy blackjack advice and with it the best tips for winning online. Click here and you have access to free games and charts to help you.
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Wondering how the game is played? Thought about those making a tidy fortune from just playing blackjack online? Perhaps the most common thought processes when it comes to looking at blackjack as a game from the outside. We have developed this guide to help you play blackjack with very simple steps with the help of CBI. Basic strategy blackjack, rules on how to play, free games and a blackjack basic strategy chart to learn about knowing when to make the most crucial moves during the games many twists and turns.

basic blackjack strategy

Learning is, of course, a very important process and despite reading all this and getting a full understanding of the game, knowing about splitting, learning when to double down and all the basic strategy blackjack rules you really have to put the hours in playing and having a full feel for the game which you can get from a blackjack strategy trainer.

Players from California can play blackjack via this link to shortcut past the advice for US players below on free blackjack online.

With our blackjack strategy you will be able to improve your gameplay instantly so why not give it a go

Through our guide you can find your own blackjack basic strategy trainer to practice the basic strategy blackjack rules which saves you taking on a game head on with your own money and making losses as you try to learn. Better to have the money ready for when you’re gambling in the casinos that being your first player rule of basic strategy blackjack. UK players should head to this free blackjack link for assistance with a blackjack basic strategy.

For more insight on the casinos offering the blackjack game, check our online casino California guide to resource you with the reviews of our top casino reviews where you can learn about the options of gaming, service and support.

Once you have learn and understood the ways of the game you can make your way to our Online Casino California guide to find the sites which support blackjack gaming to test your strategies within.

There are many blackjack strategies from card counting to knowing when to double down, so which is best?

We now take a look at the basic strategy blackjack in its simplest form. You’ll learn the blackjack basics of standing, hitting, the rule of decisions when doubling, knowing the cards dealt and the decision of splitting. As the game plays upon tactics knowing when to not go bust is fundamental so we look at the option of surrender.

So how to hit 21 and make a winning (or at least beating the house).

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Surrendering comes across as a negative approach to playing blackjack but it’s an important basic strategy blackjack. It allows you to forfeit a game and you’ll only lose half of the wager you set up prior to playing, it’s pointless playing when you know the hand you have is unplayable, so defense is key when playing the long game and looking after your funds. You can surrender late in the game and only at the point where the dealer peeks when the card is shown as a 10 or Ace. This move also reduces the houses cunning edge by a fraction of a percent at 0.08%. The step towards a surrender is noted by the term of having a ‘soft hand’.

With the aid of a blackjack chart you can have an clear insight as to the moves you should make from your hand

Splitting is seen as beginners as a means of doubling your chances, the habit needs to be controlled though as a basic strategy blackjack because players either do it all the time or not do it at the right time and thusly wasting the basic strategy. The rules are fairly simple. You receive two cards and they have a matching value, such as a pair of 3’s totaling 6. You have the option to play with the 6 of split the hands or pair and place separate but equal bets for each card. If the original bet for the 6 was at $10 then once you split you double the wager as you now have to place another $10 on the spare 3. This is where you’ll now have to turn to the strategy charts because there are a lot of outcomes that come from this move. You’ll find the key referring to the SP and DH.

Double Down, heard in all the Hollywood casino based movies is next in your basic strategy blackjack moves. You are dealt your cards and should you feel you could benefit from another card you can ask to be dealt another with a raised bet for this additional card. This can be done with a soft hand as an option. The trend is to double down on a hard 8 through to 11.

There is no better blackjack basic strategy than that of a free practice tool, here we have them for you

Whether blackjack is the game for you or not it will take time to figure your likes and dislikes surrounding the game but there are variants which offer possible variations to the style, small tweaks but otherwise a different game to the traditional game. The free games you have access to are the same blackjack games used by the casinos, forming another basic blackjack strategy, by using the games you’ll later play on for real money.

For players which are based in California, your selection of free games can be obtained through the links found on are article discussing the best online casinos California has right here.

This will get you familiar with the number of decks used by a certain game whether it be a single, 4 or six deck game. Higher profession games will play with 8 decks and these come with higher wagers as an option. Players in CALIFORNIA can access via this link 8 deck games to play blackjack online for free and collect your own blackjack basic strategy chart.

Now you have access to free games and a special basic strategy blackjack chart, you’re now ready to win

This blackjack basic strategy game article sets out the game in its primitive form, there is no way to write about mental control of playing there is no basic strategy blackjack for mindset as all players are different, we can tell you when to stand, split 2 pairs and showing you how to win but blackjack is about building from small to big and basic strategy blackjack says it in black and white, but the instinct within us needs tuning and this is why playing free games as a basic strategy blackjack option is so important, thusly the introduction of your own free blackjack strategy trainer can be found within our links to external sources. The blackjack basic strategy trainer is the best tool to use unquestionably.

You can find more articles and guides through our site to direct you towards additional blackjack related advice for players in the US including top casinos which to join that are licensed and regulated and meet all US legal requirements, so safe and secure, fuss-free blackjack gambling.

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