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Global Colonialism

Scott Prosterman: The plethora of Indian restaurants in North American and Europe would not have happened without the help of Rudyard Kipling.

Does anybody get the irony that ISIS prompted France to re-colonize Syria? Maybe that’s not such a bad thing. The original colonialism was a very bad thing for most people, wiping out indigenous peoples and cultures in the name of nationalism and religion.

Global Colonialism

But ironically, in the long run, colonialism has resulted in some great gifts to Western Civilization – namely a great variety of ethnic and fusion restaurants. Honestly, if not for the Vietnam debacle, would you be able to enjoy a fine French-Vietnamese meal in Toronto or Berkeley?

The plethora of Indian restaurants in North American and Europe would not have happened without the help of Rudyard Kipling.

I’ve been blessed with both experiences and that’s what prompted this thought. The plethora of Indian restaurants in North American and Europe would not have happened without the help of Rudyard Kipling. For all his great work, he got seduced to the comforts of colonialism thanks to the gift of a mansion in Rhodesia by Sir Cecil himself. Such an allure would be hard to resist for any writer.

So maybe the world is ripe for a more thoughtful brand of colonialism this time around to eliminate ISIS and tame other hostile regions contributing to the current count of over 10 millionrefugees worldwide. There ARE situations where evenhandness or neutrality is misapplied. Balanced journalism doesn’t mean you leave yourself open to saying, “Both Sides Have a Point on the Cruelty to Animals Issue.”

The global refugee tragedy is of epic proportions. There’s no humor in that. But there may be great irony in the possible solutions. The ISIS boys have already gotten more than they bargained for. France is kicking the crap out of them. Donald Trump talks about kicking the crap out of ISIS, but France is actually doing it. Who gets the irony of that? I’ll take a side of FRENCH fries please. Freedom must be earned.

By the way, Trump isn’t REALLY running for President. Rather, he’s toying with America as is his privilege as a rich dude. He woke up one morning and said, “You know what? I’m going to really screw with America. I’m going to make them THINK I’m running for President and say a lot of stupid things just to see what happens. I’m going to act out the most despicable caricature of their prototype imaginable and see what happens. And if they‘re stupid enough to nominate me, I’ll give that speech about “won’t run if nominated; won’t serve if elected.”

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So there’s some comfort in that theory even if I’m dreaming.

I know it’s unpopular to say this right now, but I think Barak Obama has been a great president, particularly when you consider the obstructionist agenda he has faced since Day 1. U.S. Foreign Policy has the Yanks spread rather thin right now, administering to more trouble spots than the CIA actually reveals.

Do you go Teddy Roosevelt or Henry Cabot Lodge? The guy faces multiple painful dilemmas every day and I wouldn’t want his job. For that matter, I wouldn’t want Governor Jerry Brown’s job. His daily painful dilemmas impact only all US citizens, as opposed to all global citizens. Why? Because the California’s technical and agricultural economies impact every person in the US. Obama’s decisions impact most places in the world.

Greg Abbott’s job as governor of Texas, by contrast, isn’t nearly as complex. His constituency is more monolithic, aside from parts of Austin and Dallas, which happen to be surrounded by Texas. Many Texans would prefer to have the musician and writer Kinky Friedman as governor. After all, “how hard can it be?” That was Friedman’s campaign slogan when he actually ran for governor against Abbott’s predecessor.

Though Texas is as diverse a state as most in America, the power elite remains a punchline for its draconian legislation and agenda to attack women’s’ health care options and voting rights, among other pesky issues. Abbott doesn’t have nearly the challenges Brown has in balancing the legitimate needs and interests of valid constituents. Abbott’s invalid constituents include some financial and energy companies looking to avoid regulatory scrutiny and the NRA. They’re very popular in Texas.

This leads me to wonder why the NRA doesn’t just send an army of its best guys and gals to fight ISIS. Or at least a division, platoon or squad. Or why Westboro Baptist Church doesn’t just picket ISIS on their own turf. That would be a fun dynamic in the selection process.

scott prosterman

Sometimes Darwinism isn’t pretty.

H. Scott Prosterman