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Searching for Smarts...In LA

I didn't go to Harvard. In fact, I was totally rejected by Harvard because I was "a tad low on activities."

smart and sexy

(Wait, drinking in pubs and clubbing in West End London don't count as "activities"?! How outrageous!!)

Instead I went to Brown....the "artsy" Harvard....

...which by the way made this on Buzzfeed.

Yes, I'm tooting my college's horn.

But that's beside the point.

I will use Harvard as an example.

I assume everyone at Harvard is smart, right? Not just smart but GENIUS smart. (Unless there's some vast conspiracy going on and me and all the American people have been duped.)

SO here's the scenario...

I imagine that when a really hot girl struts down a male-dominated dorm hall at Harvard University it's like: "Woah!!! SHE's a total catch!!!"

Cause there's someone who's SMART and HOT.

Okay, let's flip the coin.

It's LA.

Everyone is hot.


Just to prove my point, I was at a swanky benefit last week and everyone looked like they had just cannonballed off the runway.

I mean, pictures of these people should have been telegraphed to the sick people we were raising money for cause their recovery might have been A LOT quicker.

Everyone was oh so so sooo pweeettttty.

So what then becomes the determining factor in LA in terms of "wow- they are the diamond-in-the-rough?"'s the reverse of Harvard...'s "wow, they have a BRAIN, that's so hot!"

I mean it.

I don't care how depthless you are, after a certain amount of time, if someone is really, really gorgeous but really, really stupid, well then they become...


Or annoying.

Or, worse....boring!!

And by "having a brain," I don't necessarily mean able-to-recite-a-load-of-statistics or talk in intricate detail about the arms race in North Korea.

That might be nice...but often knowledge without smarts can actually backfire.

Because if you just have knowledge without the basis of some real grey matter underneath, to support it, well, that nearly shows off your weakness more than someone who admits to not knowing anything about the subject.

But back to the point...

Please, please Angelenos, please - can we just admit that people who are NOT smart are just....

...really UNATTRACTIVE!!!


I've often been accused being a tomboy.

Guilty as charged. Ask those who know me.

But you know what?? (And I don't care if I'm being mean about my own sex in L.A. here) I have way more interesting conversations with guys in this town than I do with women.

Don't get upset, ladies, first hear me out!! (Yes, I might not know you and you might be REALLY smart.)

But, honestly, I try to make more female friends but aside from some awesome ones there's something always...covered about Hollywood women.

I don't know if it's the LA culture -- maybe girls are told to play down their smarts to be more attractive to the opposite sex, who knows, but even if that is the case -- hiding your true self, your intelligence, your real opinions, your personality is just gonna make you really unhappy (believe me, for an extremely short time I was that girl).

This is especially the case with dating, because you're not exposing the real you...

...and how can you even hope to have a good, solid relationship without being the real you?

It feels horrible.

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And more importantly -- you aren't LOVED for the real you!!

Yes, repressing your smarts in a relationship has serious repercussions -- not only in other people's opinions of you but on your own bloody self-esteem.

You have settled for being eye candy.

You have settled for being merely eyelashes and lipstick.

You have settled for hiding yourself just to make the other person feel better about themselves.

(But if someone you're dating does feel threatened by the fact that you do have a bit of a brain then they're insecure and stale and not your guy/girl anyway.)

Okay, so while I was ranting about this exact same thing to my friend, she said -- "but Thesy, it's not like any of your long-term guys ever went to Yale."


But again, there's a difference between smarts and education.

Actually, I go for guys that don't necessarily blabber Spanish Invasion history but just

Street smart maybe??

Wit and charm??

Yes, pleaaaase.

Okay, I admit, I'm obviously confused about what the exact definition of what's "smart" myself and what exactly it entails and blah, blah, blah, but when it comes to attraction -- do you feel me out there?

Do you?

I bet you do.


Whether woman or man...

...admit it... do!!

Yes, I know guys are supposed to be more "visually stimulated" but if you've been around the block a few times and had your fill of the eye candy and had your eye candy in the bedroom anyone without a brain cell that interesting anymore?


For a night.

Just like a hot stud might be for a girl.

Or, if you do want the really dumb person for longer, it's because you're settling or because you like feeling smart in comparison because it gives you a power-high.


Shady honesty right there!!

But I bet even then...after a want more.

Just for the sake of your own happiness.

Come on.

You do, right??

Admit it.


And it is there that I finish my "those were my thoughts on another introvert humpday."

Peace out, lovers.

And all you above-average-intelligent(ish) rockstars out there...

thesy surface

Wherever you are.

I want YOU.

Thesy Surface
Brit Chick in Hollywoodland

Wednesday, 25 September 2013