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Rory Partin Comes to Typhoon in Santa Monica


LA-transplant Rory Partin learns the “LA-Way” of songwriting and brings his big band dance music to Typhoon in Santa Monica.

In an interview today on LA-based radio show Music Friday Live, Big Band Leader and “blue-eyed soul singer” Rory Partin agreed that LA is the most creative and competitive music market in the country, but said he was glad to be here. He is bringing his big band – 18 to 21 musicians – to the Typhoon at the Santa Monica Airport this Monday, 1/27/14. Partin will do two shows, one at 8 pm and one at 9:30 pm to meet the demand for dinner and dancing to full orchestra standards like “Baby It’s Cold Outside” and “Georgia On My Mind”.

Transplanted from Nashville, Rory said he had a lot to learn about songwriting when he got to LA although he was a successful professional songwriter in Nashville, known as America’s songwriting factory town. “In Nashville there are rules you follow in your songs, but not in LA where people make up their own songwriting rules and it works.” He said that he had to learn a whole new style of songwriting to work in LA. Often compared to Ray Charles, Tony Bennet and Frank Sinatra, Partin is now listening to and starting to write pop as he absorbs the diverse, vibrant culture of Southern California. He and his songwriter/singer wife, Alexa James, have formed a new group, the Roamies, to develop and perform pop-oriented songs for clubs while he plays standards with the band.

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In addition to the Typhoon appearance Monday night with the big band, Partin and Alexa will be playing at the Hotel Café in Hollywood as the Roamies on March 4, trying out his absorption of the “LA Way” of songwriting and pop music. He can add those venues to a long list of appearances around the world, including the inaugural balls of both President George Bush and President Bill Clinton. He has also played at Starbucks, but not with the full orchestra.


If you plan to go to the Monday night shows, Typhoon recommends reservations at

Patrick O’Heffernan 
Host, Music Friday Live!