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Dick and Sharon edit and publish Hollywood Progressive and the LA Progressive. They also founded and host The Left Coast Forum — an annual convening of progressive activists, scholars, organizers, documentarians, media organizations and others who work to understand and restructure systems of oppression.

In 2008, Dick and Sharon launched the Hollywood Progressive — intentionally bringing to the fore the progressive voice in Los Angeles. Their mission was and is to provide a platform for progressive thought, opinion and perspectives on current events.

Hollywood Progressive openly and unapologetically supports and employs advocacy journalism. We believe the media not only informs the public, but it also works towards engaging citizens and creating public debate. We embrace the idea of civic journalism and reject the idea that objective reporting is even possible. We don’t believe that journalists can be objective spectators of politics and we don’t pretend otherwise.

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A host of gifted writers contribute to the Hollywood Progressive's daily offering which typically amounts to 45 articles a week. Dick and Sharon write as well as edit and publish. Hollywood Progressive covers the gamut of progressive issues both on the domestic as well as international stages with a particular focus on local issues in Los Angeles, the home of the LA Progressive.

Originally from Minneapolis and New York respectively, the couple has a blended family of four children (Raheem, Wade, Deva, and Linnea), two children-in-law (Dan and Yoko), one very beautiful granddaughter, and a host of pets.

Both have been progressive anti-racist anti-oppression activists for more than three decades using the LA Progressive, Hollywood Progressive, and the Left Coast Forum specifically to bring an intentional focus on intersectionality, non-binary gender issues as well as the panoply of issues traditionally viewed as being within the progressive wheelhouse such as racism, sexism, ageism, anti-Semitism, ableism and others.

By profession, Dick is a long time publisher, Vietnam Veteran and anti-war activist. Sharon, who holds a Juris Doctor, is a professor of law but spent more than 20 yrs working for NASA before shifting gears and pursuing her passion for social justice.

The couple has received numerous honors and awards for their work including being named the Democratic Man and Woman of the Year by the Los Angeles County Democratic Party, receiving the Badge of Courage Award from Valley Democrats United and the Activism Award from Common Cause California, and being a designated newsletter of Excellence by Constant Contact.

Dick and Sharon both serve on the board of the ACLU of Southern California. The LA Progressive is a member of The Media Consortium, an international network of over 70 leading independent progressive journalism organizations.

Dick and Sharon make public appearances and accept invitations to speak and to train. You can email them at: dick_and_sharon[at]

Hollywood Progressive Technical Support

Martin Williams

Martin Williams

Martin Williams serves as technical support to the Hollywood Progressive. He is the all around go-to man for all things technical. Martin has over 20 years of I.T. experience. In addition to the support he provides to the LA Progressive, Martin also leads the technical department at the Hollywood Progressive Media Team, a non-profit media company that helps small grass-roots organizations develop an online presence. He is an essential member of the Hollywood Progressive team who is committed to social justice causes.

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Hollywood Progressive began as an online magazine for progressives living in and around Los Angeles but quickly gained attention well beyond Los Angeles. Today, we’re read by an international community looking for progressive perspectives on political and social issues.

Our writers advocate progressive positions and policies but conservatives are also welcome to read and comment.

Hollywood Progressive exists to provide a means of expressing progressive viewpoints and to champion the causes that promote the betterment of society with a particular focus on marginalized communities.

For those who are interested in the lighter side of Los Angeles, we have a sister publication, the Hollywood Progressive. Check it.

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Since its launch on March 19, 2008, Dick & Sharon’s LA Progressive has built a growing audience centered in California but extending throughout the United States and beyond to 220 countries.

Hollywood Progressives attracts hundreds of thousands of pageviews per month. It has three advertisement page areas and additional ad space in its Sunday special edition. These spaces are available to advertisers or sponsors. To see the LA Progressive advertising rates or for more information, click here or contact Dick and Sharon at

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Contact us at if you would like to write an article or would like to become one of our regular columnists. If possible, include a photograph with your article submission. You can also contact us by clicking contact.

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