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A Eulogy

Rosemary MacHardy -- What if Fred Trump hadn’t frightened the hell out of his son turning him into a malignant narcissist and Dear Leader of the current Cult of Defiance?

What if President Trump had been born in a stone fisherman’s croft at the edge of a bog on a Scottish island, like his mother?
What if his grandfather Drumpf hadn’t been kicked out of Germany for avoiding the draft, deported back to America where he’d migrated years before and ran a brothel in the California gold country?
What if his father had not been at a dance at Firemen’s Hall Local 45 and met his immigrant Mum working as a servant in the Carnegie mansion?
What if he had not been born in that haven for thugs, Queens, NY?
What if Daddy hadn’t made Baby Trump a tax dodger like himself, “gifting” him with 200 mill, aged 2?
What if his Dad hadn’t thrown up his hands in frustration and chucked Donald into a military school where he became a first class bully?
What if Fred Trump hadn’t frightened the hell out of his son turning him into a malignant narcissist and Dear Leader of the current Cult of Defiance?
What if Dad and Donald hadn’t been caught discriminating against Blacks by refusing to rent apartments to them?
What if Donald hadn’t married the first of his two Eastern European products of Soviet occupation, the so-called Olympic team member, Ivana of Czechoslovakia?
What if she hadn’t introduced him to many “perfectly ok” communist party members hanging out in Prague? Why not do business with the Russians?
What if Donald’s children had not spent their summer hols in Soviet occupied Czechoslovakia learning a different take on good old Communist Russia?
On the other hand, what if growing up in countries under the weight of communist austerity, didn’t persuade Ivana/Melania to pursue greed and consumption in the Land of Good Old Capitalism?
What if Donald had not made Ivana the CEO of Interior Decoration at various Trump holdings, thus transforming them into gaudy representations of royal palaces?
What if Daddy hadn’t bailed “the Don” out of 6 bankruptcies?
What if Trump had actually paid his bills?
What if he hadn’t become a fake celebrity, belittling and humiliating people on his show for ten years like a fake autocrat?
What if President Donald J Trump hadn’t become a real autocrat?
What if he had not spent hours a day on TV, Facebook and Twitter?
What if had not written The Art of The Deal?
What if he hadn’t coined the word Hoax?
What if he hadn’t attacked the Press and tried to prevent millions of people from voting the Republican party he didn’t believe in could rule as the Minority?
What if he hadn’t become a world class misogynist and grabber of women’s crotches?
What if at least 22 women hadn’t come forward, accusing him of being the Groper in Chief?
What if he had ever paid any of those women to have an abortion? What if he had paid Melania, married at 35?
What if he hadn’t been sued two hundred times and owe 420 milllion to Vladimr Putin?
What if he hadn’t become President of the United States?
What if Hillary had? What if Merrick Garland was now on the Supreme Court?
What if Donald hadn’t removed the U.S. from the Paris Climate Accords?
What if Melania Trump had chosen to marry someone young and virile and good?
What if Donald had not fancied his daughter, and gone for a porn star?
What if he hadn’t got a teenage crush on Hope Hicks?
What if she had not contracted the virus during scuffles with Trump in an anteroom off the Oval Office?
What if he hadn’t worn a mask?
What if he had?


Rosemary MacHardy

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