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Wall Builders | I’m with the Elephants | Conformity’s Rewards

Paul Lojeski: Worked up, red-faced, cheeks puffed out they want a wall thick and wide built at the southern border.
Border Wall

Wall Builders

Worked up, red-faced,
cheeks puffed out
they want a wall thick
and wide built
at the southern border.
To keep out foreign-
tongued barbarians
they fumed and sputtered
at the heavens. Like
the one the Israelis
built; solid, daunting,
punishing. Like
that the Russians put
up in Berlin; threatening
and deadly. And the Chinese
centuries ago: the mother
of all walls: the Great
Wall! After all these
thousands of years,
after all those sunrises
and miracles of sight
and touch, it still comes
down to walls. Fucking walls.

I’m with the Elephants

They busted out: big,
tusked beasts rampaging,
storms upon the land,
knocking cars around
like they were toys.
They’d had enough.
I rooted for them,
as people ran away,
screaming: terrified.
I wished I was one
of them, with long
ivory tusks gleaming
in the moonlight,
rebellion trumpeted
into the night sky,
chasing the jailers in
one last, glorious charge.

Today’s Weather

The rumble and boom of a glacier
break in the great warming of now’s

atmospherics, thinner and thinner,
the sun burning a hole in the future

with loud barking tempers cracking
and snapping in the hot air like

flags in a hard wind. All that noise,
the roar and cries of silence advancing.

Conformity’s Rewards

My browser’s out-of-date
and that’s only the tip
of the iceberg.

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I can’t twitter or facebook
the world with inanities,
and don’t care

about Apple or what
stupidity it next will
dangle above

the drooling masses.
Professional wrestling
makes more sense

(I remember Dick the
Bruiser and Bobo Brazil
on the black and white

lo these many decades
ago) when you get right
down to it. Keep it

loud and violent and they/
we shall follow unto
death the mad

roar of money. But each
trickery has its own

Steve Jobs, John Lennon,
or Oprah. Take your
pick and sleep

the deep sleep of obedience.
Conformity, after all,
has its rewards.