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Calling George Orwell

Danny Schechter: Oh, George. We need you now, more than ever, ever to help us wade through new words of war by wankers high on high tech & fudged perceptions in a security bubble of insecurity

“Political language... is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable, and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind.” George Orwell


Oh, George

We need you now,
more than ever, ever
to help us wade through
new words of war by wankers
high on high tech
& fudged perceptions
in a security bubble of insecurity

We need help, George,
penetrating acronyms
of government gone wild
of spies & lies
and the madness
of the overtly clever
and covertly maniacal

Hey, Hey, NSA
How many emails did you ‘process’ today?
How many calls did you convert
into acres of unread metadata
stored somewhere in Utah
until the big roundup
that’s coming soon

Hey, Hey, NSA, why do you play
with code names
coined with a clear intent
to maim
and restrain?
So lame.

Listen to the words,
hear the music
played and sung
in the shadow factories
of Maryland, My Maryland

What a web you weave when
first you practice to deceive
again and again
Lets find, fry
and demystify the
alphabet of outrage

Oh George, help us understand
the art of ‘collecting it all,’
an anal chock full of nuts down
to the very last drop
Yum, what fun

There’s nothing fair about FAIRVIEW
or tasty About STORMBREW
in the world of the
and heartless BLACK HEARTS

All in the domain of our
Alexander The Great,
Superspy extraordinaire who
Loved to sneak undercover into
hackers conventions
in cool T Shirts
and then play at
Cyber war in his own war room
Get ready boys for a new
cyber-kinetic shock and awe
or just plain awful
depending on yr pt of view
Can you say Stuxnet in Farsi?
I can!

The uniformed boys with toys
defending the fort at Meade have
A sense of humor,
building a command module
based on a design, ha ha ha,
Inspired by Star Trek
Beam Me Up, Scotty,
up into my own stratosphere
To look down on We, The Suckers of America,
whose more perfect union
has led to a world of:

Magnetic Emanations
Mineralized Collections
On Raster-based Computer screens

Image on o’ Ship of State
navigating among GENIES,
All plugged into the FIVE EYES
before them,
defending us against THREATS
we are not even cleared
to know about

Redact this O’NSA
Who came up with SOUTHWINDS
in the sinews of a surveillance
soup turned into
a machine
with no OFF switch

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George. Help Me Understand this secret language:

“(TS/SI,REL FVEY) If the S2 QFD Review Panel elects to ask
for a HOMING PIGEON to be made persistent, its natural home
would be Incorporation into FAST SCOPE.”)

Of course! I couldn’t put it better myself

Thank you Ed and Glenn
And Laura too
for this TOP SECRET lesson
in how to target US persons
and everyone else
in that mad pursuit
pioneered by Ahab
so many whales ago
to know us better
than we know ourselves,
and keep us down
on the server farm
of forever.

Thank you FISA for blessing
the marriage of agency and company
all invented words, can
join the now encrypted fondue
before it all shows up
in a selfie on FACEBOOK,
in my file, and your file
and the files of trillions
of the unsuspecting.

As we indict five guys in
China for doing what we do,
As the world looks on
amazed at the chutzpah
Of it all
At the hubris of a mission
All legal of course,
With a secret court
To say so,
and say it again

Neatly divided into an apartheid
of protected ‘US Persons and
the rest of the globe
where we presume the right
to monitor Facebook
fans in Brazil and Chancellors in
Germany in a haze of
anti-terrorist rationales
that terrorize us all.

O’ say do we see?
We see it all
Hear It all
Yes Sir,
Know nothing
Nothing at all

Please accept our privacy
pledge before we invade
Repeat after me:
You have no choice
In this home of the brave
Land of the free, click!

George, your “pure wind”
is back
witthout a hack
but a vengeance
signaling its time
to disrupt the disruptors
before they
what’s left
the little that is left
of our small d’

A glass to Snowden in Russia
Glenn in Brazil
Laura in Berlin
And, of course, to
the prophetic Mr. Orwell, who
warned us all,
and again
that fiction would

Because we couldn’t
make this up
even if we wanted
to. Only a comedy
channel can do it justice
even if it’s not funny.

Our cause is now more
than probable.

Danny Schechter
News Dissector Danny Schechter edits and blogs at, He is now producing a series of documentaries on the American Surveillance State (ASS). Comments to

Review: Glenn Greenwald, No Place To Hide: Edward Snowden, The NSA and The U.S. Surveillance State, Metropolitan Books, 2014
By Danny Schechter