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A Diver

He just sent an email to Carl Sagan
in a faraway land,
when something struck North Tower-top –
An explosion, Dow leaps with horror,
he wanted nothing more than N.Y. Yankees
atop American League East,
no Texas Ranger “October Surprises,”
he looked down into Manhattan street,
he saw someone pick-pocket John Dos Passos,
another explosion, windows started shaking,
N.Y.F.D. sirens screamed, frightened,
he drank a final cup of cold water,
“it was better for men to take risks,”
Milton Friedman always said,
& no one would believe there were no nets
set below, no life sustaining QE2.

twin towers

One day, The Wall Street Journal will ask
how the moment felt,
a nation will ask, “why do they hate us?”

On edge, terror gripped, cracking roof above,
he saw a flying red-head,
a Mayor warned not to fly that day,
and the world would end in Mastercard fire,
there will be a Wall Street come Halloween,
W. Bush would nationalize Microsoft...,
out window, perfect downward flight ,
on a low-carb diet, wind no barrier,
he always wanted erect-hair like Don King's,
Patriot Act ink still wet, skin held organs intact,
he cherished Sagan's mysterious cosmos
while it lasted, a violent splat, final thought,
“asphalt's a solid bet for just a Crude by-product.”

chuck orloski

Charles Orloski

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Wednesday, 9 August 2013