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Fascists in Florida

Paul Lojeski: The Politburo, after secret deliberations in darkened conference rooms decreed that all government officials shall henceforth be prohibited from uttering the words “climate change”.
Fascists in Florida

Fascists in Florida

The Politburo, after secret
deliberations in darkened
conference rooms decreed
that all government officials
shall henceforth be prohibited
from uttering the words
“climate change”. Various
and vicious commissars also
declared serious penalties
for violators, including loss
of position and banishment
from the inner circle and
like Stalin’s goons of yore,
they’ve begun hunting down
the traitors amongst them,
those who dare believe in
the science of environmental
fluctuations initiated by human
interventions, most notably
driven forth by the engines
of Capitalism. Those bald-
headed autocrats selling the
bald-faced lies of realtors and
developers who will not
countenance facts interfering
with their god-given right
to make a profit have
decided authoritarian lie-
telling to be the necessary
and righteous means to justify
the continued ends demanded
by the new czars of democracy.

The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, OMG!

No hypocritical sour grapes here—
I’m an old, middle class white
man always suckered in by movies
of sappy sentiment sprinkled with
just enough dashes of reality to
balance off the outright delusional
fabrications of ruling class filmmakers.

Besides who doesn’t love watching
pros like Bill Nighy, Judy Dench
and Maggie Smith swing across the
silver screen with all the sweet glory
brought forth by lifetimes of brilliant
acting? And, yes, I got the obvious
irony of these aged sons and daughters

of the British Raj that tortured and
ravaged India for a hundred years
not being able to afford to retire
in their homeland, the original,
fuming hive of industrial capitalism,
the rusty blade incarnate stuck deep
into the heart of this wondrous place,

having to traipse halfway around
the globe to flop in the squalor
of a crumbling hotel run off the fumes
of a young, Indian man’s entrepreneurial
dreaming and desires to prove to his
family, his girlfriend and to himself
that he could succeed. And I loved every

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blessed minute of it and even bought
the soundtrack CD! But a second one?
Another phantasm set in the land of gang
rapes, honor killings of women and girls,
Hindi extremists beating boys and girls
holding hands in public and a city
now called Mumbai (the name changed

from Bombay as if changing the name
would somehow magically transform
it out of its status as a genuine hellhole)
where each day 500,000 of its desperate
souls go to the bathroom outside because
they still don’t have indoor plumbing.

Honestly, though, this all things India
fascination started with my generation back
in the day, seeking any alternatives to the
stultifying and militaristic Zeitgeist
(sound familiar?) of American life.
So even the Beatles and Ginsberg and
others trotted over there for answers.

But, hey, they did add that white-haired,
insipidly handsome, honky stiff Richard
Gere to the second mix, so maybe I should
calm down, take a deep breath, chill, get
centered and find my chi for a cool ride.
After all it’s only a movie, right? Right!

Letter from the Bosses

Dear Losers,

“Creative Destruction”
is a force of nature
like oceans swelling
at the passing of the
Moon, like volcanoes
blasting fire across
the sky, like solar storms
bending space. It’s our
gift to you; a necessary
and wonderful purity
producing a vibrant,
visionary future of never-
ending progress and
piles of cash for us, the
Exceptionalists. What
a magnificently beautiful
site to see, the blowing
apart of whole industries,
along with the ruination
of millions of workers
lives or the stunning
excitement of bombing
whole peoples out of
existence only to witness
the divinely chosen’s
rebuilding the foundations
of these ever-changing
economic models and then
to repeat and repeat the
process endlessly, as long
as it’s someone else being
destroyed, being crushed
in the jaws of that capital
feeding frenzy oozing out
of your nearest neighborhood
full-service bank. And we make
sure it isn’t us and ours because
we are unafraid to do what
must be done unlike you, the
weak and sniveling bottom
feeders. So quit whining. If
you're unemployed, homeless,
being foreclosed, evicted,
beaten or killed by the police,
basically hanging by a thread
in this muck of existence,
buck up! You're an integral
part of this sacred process.
So embrace it. Celebrate it.
Revel in your bad luck, your
poverty, starvation and despair.
Remember, scumbags, beauty
is in the eye of the beholder
and we are the beholders!

Paul Lojeski