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The Movies We Watch • The Human Condition

Paul Lojeski: Exorcisms and assassins, Floodgates thrown open, Let the blood river roar, Blades and bullets, Vengeance of combustion, Redemption dying on the vine
Movies We Watch

The Movies We Watch

Exorcisms and assassins
Floodgates thrown open
Let the blood river roar

Blades and bullets
Vengeance of combustion
Redemption dying on the vine

Love, power, and envy
Red, choking violence
The turning of the screw

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Huddled together in the black
Pitch no one sees us surrender
Our capitulation seething

The Human Condition

This mutation growing in the glow
Of the tv screen, unaware of the
Transformation, is eating something
Obscene and laughing at the presentations
Of gore specifically designed for it.

This mutation gripping the slender
Box of wires and numbers, oblivious
To the noise of its undoing is dreaming
Of something grotesque, holding
The box close, swearing allegiance
To its own unfolding demise.

The thing has eyes like bullets,
A smile of fire and feels it can
Do no wrong. Later it will rise and
Roar incomprehensibly at the sky.

Paul Lojeski