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Stopping Contagion at Dark Continent Source

Charles Orloski: Sgt. Donnie Rumbola, sighted pill-head, Muammar Gaddaffi, who lurched outside tent, read Green Book passages to other irrational Islamic Libyans.

Stationed in eastern Libya,
where Chinese communist hustlers are known
to hang around corporate oil and pipeline centers,
and in violation of disease prevention strategies
(outlined by Council for Foreign Relation),
the Africom beat cop, Sgt. Donnie Rumbola,
sighted pill-head, Muammar Gaddaffi,
who lurched outside tent, read Green Book passages
to other irrational Islamic Libyans who
foolishly profess black race will morally prevail,
profit and filthy lucre disappear one day.

Stopping Contagion

F-18s passed over head, the roar of 1% freedom –
Colonel Gaddaffi silent, tried escape,
and Sgt. Rumbola hollered, “Goddammit,
stop right there, hands-up, and stand before me!”
“O, hi Donnie, it's you again,” cackled Gaddaffi,
“a sandstorm brewing, what can I do for you?”

“Caught 'ya –
You almost infected fellow back-sliders
with dreaded Green Book thought-disease!
Wildly out of control, it has but only ONE cure,
and as you're aware, Muammar,
and take my word as top Pentagon beat cop,
I'm gonna book you; quarantine at best,
humanitarian execution at worst.
Afterward, a Koresh style haz-mat disinfection,
proper E.P.A./DOHS toxic-thought disposal.
Do you understand me now, Colonel?”

In distance,
a Chinese geologist and Benghazi businessman
walk arm-and-arm, make haste to get worlds away.
“Why 'book me' you say?” inquired Gaddaffi.
“Surely I am not THAT ideologically infected
and dangerous to EU and Washington D.C. high life?”

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Desert strode all the way to Red Sea,
no one knows which direction the virus parts.
Sgt. Donnie Rumbola carefully filled-in spaces
on official Africom arrest-report pad
that he carried in 3-piece armored suit pocket.
He made no errors, spoke data out loud:
M-U-A-M-M-A-R G-A-D-D-A-F-F-I.;
A-P-P-R-H-E-N-D-E-D O-C-T. 2-0, 2-0-1-1;
V-A-G-R-A-N-T; A-N-T-I Z-I-O-N-I-S-T;
R-U-B-B-I-S-H; C-A-U-G-H-T C-R-E-A-T-I-N-G
C-O-N-T-I-N-E-N-T-A-L D-I-S-T-U-R-B-A-N-C-E.
“Uh no, Colonel,
you're wrong on Elite's high life vulnerability.
Key D.C. populations are vaccinated upon bapti$m,
made C.D.C. secure – but your thought's contagious,
tends to migrate, infect other dumb Africans...,
So away with Green Book World Order,
Muammar, I'm booking you!”

“Before we go, Donnie,
can I make one phone call to my favorite
ex-US Congressman, Cynthia McKinney,
and warn her what 'cure' is headed to The Homeland?”

“Fuck that, Muammar, there's no need,
McKinney's front-and-center in shit Green dissent.
She's aware as Hillary about vomit crackdowns,
and just so you know, and for official Africom record,
even Ebola happens in Parkland Hospital E.R.


Charles Orloski

Author's Note: In general, I am very worried about US government's arrogant moral decay, and increasing military impulse to make other nations, for example Gaddaffi's Libya, conform with American commercial behavior and social “need” standards. A long time ago, in a small town Byzantine Catholic Church, the gospel of Matthew (15:11) was read by Father Steve Zajac, including the paradoxical warning “it's not what enters the mouth that defiles Man, but what proceeds out of the mouth... that is what defiles the Man.” Maybe one day (soon) a cure for dreaded Ebola shall be found, and the world shall never have to fear such disease from fatally entering Mankind's global mouth? In same token, as a school bus driver/idealist, I sincerely wish diseased words and dictates which day-to-day, banally expel from sick and powerful people's mouths, are wisely identified, peacefully quarantined, and indeed, not re-elected to high office.