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The Divine Right of Poisoners

Shortly before the crash of 08, we dumped the toxic instruments into that big river called the New York Stock Exchange then sat back and watched as lights went off across the world

Shortly before the crash of 08,

we dumped the toxic instruments

into that big river called the New York Stock Exchange

then sat back and watched

as lights went off across the world

Construction stopped in France

the skeletons of buildings stood exposed

and unfinished like the bones of museum dinosaurs

In South America, the beans rotted in the fields

as the workers sat in their huts staring out the doors

wondering if their neighbors might share some of their atole

come dinner time

In Tokyo, a couple of slant eyes went into their bedrooms

with their ceremonial knives and never came out

It was really much worse than most of you knew

we made out like bandits, of course


The tiny little seeds grow more quickly

than their brethren

They shoot up over night

their limbs heavy with fat red fruit

The trucks will carry them many miles

to the central processing plant

where identical jars of GMO preserves

move down the assembly line like so many sleepers

Yes, we understand that somewhere down the line

someone will have to pay the piper

as people grown indolent

muscles may atrophy a bit

but that will happen much later

and for the time being

our profits for the last quarter

spiked beyond our expectations

We eat organic, of course

you would too, if you knew

what was in those precious little jars



she said

as the needle pricked her arm

we gave her a lollipop and the obligatory


and within hours

she was jumping rope

with her girlfriends

The tumors won't starts

til much later

and the lawyers have assured us

it will be difficult to make a case

for causal relationship

This shot is a sweetheart

packs a real payload

she will sail through her childhood

as healthy as a horse

no mumps, no measles, no chickenpox

We cut some corners, of course

It's cheapest product on the market

and the stories we lobbied for

New York Times, Washington Post

didn't hurt the profit margin at all

and it'll be years until they figure out

how we made it so cheap

by that time

well, as the French say

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Que sera




He looked so cool

Bogart with that stogie

drooping off his lip

his eyes steely

as he gave that babe

the what for


you gotta love it

and when the mandates came down

to change the packaging

little death heads

cadaverous infants


this shit will kill you!

Well, by that time it was really too late

we'd hooked a quarter of the planet

and now that they know that they are killing

their children their parents their neighbors their pets

the chance person sitting next to them at the clouded, smoky bar

and they still won’t stop

“Social Poison”

what a beautiful oxymoron

sums up everything

and just as the psychologists had predicted

all those decades of movies


Clint Eastwood

Paul Newman

this tiny little GMO seed

the divine right of poisoners

got planted in the collective unconscious

and nothing can stop it now


Could you please put it out?

Someone asked coughing a bit

and he stared at her

with round and offended eyes

what kind of selfish little twat

intruding on his after dinner pleasure

as he looked right through her

just like Bogie

stared her down he did

til she crept back to her table

and just to show her

who is the boss here

he blew a few perfect smoke rings

They hung heavy in the air

tiny little mushroom clouds

innocent and deadly

The second law of thermodynamics

says that nothing is ever created or destroyed

these poison halos radiate out forever

each succeeding generation

a further refinement

of a brave new crop

the genetically modified

heartless, consumptive

and relentless in the pursuit

of their divine right

self satisfaction

no matter who gets in your way

Janet Phelan