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The Streets Are Dead

The Streets are Dead

The streets are dead

From quarantine

The streets are dead

But they're still not clean

The people are alive

The Streets are Dead

Photo by Thanos Pal on Unsplash

It's hard to tell

The people are alive

They've been dragged through hell

People dying

Every day

People dying

And still you say

"It's not my fault -

It's theirs, I know"

It's not your fault

You told them so

With your empty glances

Your frightened looks

So indignant

For the space we took

The oxygen we breathe

Our audacity to exist

With vets by our side

They risked their lives for this?

The politicians don't care

The Streets are Dead

Photo by bantersnaps on Unsplash

They don't even pretend

They know you hate us

Our image won't mend

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Not overnight

And not so as long

As we sing and fight

And none will hear our song

And none will see our face

You look right through us

With an air of disgrace

And the face of resentment

Jealousy, even envy

Because you don't want my struggle

But wish for the freedom to be me

And you make your assumptions

Of how you're right

And we're wrong

And it won't change

Not overnight

And not so as long

As you don't care to demand it

We're invisible, if you recall

And your vote is worth more than ours

After all

Your vote is worth more

And so is your life

But self respect is the price we pay

To keep living, even through strife

While you keep on voting

For people who "care"

You'll do anything you can

Just so you don't have to join us there

So do it

Selene Young