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The War Torn Will-Commission Report

[/dc]Like millions, I believe I know god's will.
Simplest thing in my belief system is believing
god's combination man & woman, Star Wars other.
God existed before sea creatures, skin-heads, Popes, & Hedge Funds –
He/she has a Will resembling D. Kucinich's & Capt. Kangaroo,
my god wishes Third World nations not become Benghazi,
he/she would not save Syrians with cruise missiles,
would terrify companies who charge $6.00 for box of strawberries,
would go to US Congress, lobby for the lonely, la buena vida.

truck stop

Created in my undesirable image,
god protects air, water, & soil, a beguiled environmentalist,
god hesitates building nuclear plants near tectonic plates,
thought twice about introducing “Core exit 9500” into Gulf,
fluoride into toothpaste, apartheid into Israel, electrodes into Law,
Fiats into Korea, liberation theology into US Congress,
prohibit Chicago School economics into Vatican Bank.

My god's will is to take out garbage on Tuesdays,
pay electric bills prior to PP&L cut-off,
help poor people select lucky lottery tickets,
stop at red lights, prevent gawking at mini-skirts,
forgive porn-star use of rubbers, lets Pinochet live to 91,
protects email messages from N.S.A. hackers
& vindictive white powder peddlers who mistrust QUESTIONS.

A god's Will is very hard to figure & predict.
Unemployed believer? One cannot pay into Social Security.
Divorced agnostic? One's crippled with godless alimony payments.
Almost anyone with low credit ratings, including Fed Reserve,
can appreciate my god's chemical will –
Enlightenment blossoms from excessive Falwell, more Siddhartha.
God hangs with both Rachel Maddow & flypaper Falstaffs, “goes it alone,”
fates are not tied to Raiders plus 10-points, Chile juntas,
it's no crime to be hurt by “prosperity,” Campbell's Chunky Soup,
my god's more like Dr. Seuss than General Boykin,
he/she never beat Muslim Brotherhood at Monopoly,
is denied Neocon endorsement, supports 5th Commandment,
my god always gets trounced at One-on-One basketball,
does not pauperize gardeners and truck-stop prostitutes.

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Smooth-operator, god danced mazurka at Arafat wedding,
was kissed at Garden fund-raiser, begged father's help on cross.
He/she got DEATH sentence for healing lepers on Sabbath,
told young rich man, “to be perfect, give all to poor,”
he/she ascended into Will Street, body needed yogurt & spa,
accepted Empire's SanhedrinCare plan imperfections,
god tolerates late water-bill payments, passed gas in church,
has banned Detroit crowd-suppression H20 cannon,
people go to Santa Fe rendition & purgatory on one's own accord,
I believe good will inevitably gets done, “love it or leave it, Mr. Yoo,”
a reckoning lurks, approaches insecure homelands with caution.

chuck orloski

Charles Orloski