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You turn on your TV or log into your movie platform and get a movie playing. The actors and actresses seem familiar because you’ve seen them in dozens of other films, and even if you don’t know them personally, they are vital to your everyday life. That’s Hollywood magic for you.

Even in a time of platforms and social media, you’d like to watch a good movie every once in a while, and Hollywood makes these yearly. Regardless of the genre, you’re bound to be entertained by the title as the cast, director, and screenwriters work in unison to deliver a masterpiece.

Entertainment is Hollywood’s mission, and it needs the inspiration to keep the movies coming. That’s why a nice portion of Hollywood movies focus on different aspects of the casino industry. This industry is primarily online nowadays, which is why players can visit so many online casino sites. In fact, loads of casino websites provide free bonus and promo codes, variants of casino games, and more to keep their clients satisfied.

But the Hollywood-casino relationship is intact. And there are many ways Hollywood movies draw inspiration from casino venues. In return, these movies also influence casino culture.

The Dark Ages of Vegas

Las Vegas is the shining beacon of the casino industry in the US. But its inception isn’t that great. That’s because the mob funded a variety of casinos on the Strip and kept its claws in them for some time. Notorious figures like Rosenthal and Bugsy are well-known in the underground today, and their illustrious lives were the topics of many films.

Bugsy is one film that tells the story of the man of the same name, and in Casino, you’ll see Rosenthal and how he helped a specific casino rise to prominence. You can look for the details, but even if you don’t, you’ve got two great movies courtesy of Hollywood.

The Casino Setting

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The previous two movies are good examples of the casino setting in Hollywood films. The casino setting is most prominently seen in movies of the crime genre. Ocean’s Eleven is one such example as it’s a heist film.

Crime is a popular genre in movies, TV shows, and even in the iGaming industry. Players from all over the world can visit here and try new slot sites that will undoubtedly offer crime slots, as well as adventure, animal, sci-fi, and other titles. But the casino setting can also appear shortly in movies that are in no way related to crime.

Rain Man is a comedy-drama title that features a casino scene that works in favor of the main characters. Besides these examples, we can look at the illegal casino in Rounders. The main character isn’t a criminal, but the people he plays with aren’t exactly crystal clear. In addition to the casino setting, you can also look at Hollywood’s take on playing casino games and the characters that enjoy them.

Hollywood’s Look On Playing Casino Games

Back in the day, casino movies portrayed characters that didn’t lose. Their stoic demeanor and their attitude gave them an iconic and manly look. Moreover, their fashion choice added to their appeal. In other words, they appeared in suits along with a dazzling dame on the side and blew everyone’s minds. A stark example of this would be any Bond movie, although they might not be Hollywood productions.

However, Daniel Craig gave the audience a Bond that lost quite a bit of money in Casino Royale. Since he’s the main character, he had a second chance, and he didn’t blow it. The Gambler is another movie that takes a different approach to those that enjoy playing casino games. Mark Wahlberg’s Jim is looking in the abyss as he almost succumbs to his dangerous gaming habits.

With these examples, Hollywood shows the audience the broad palette of casino players. Since they’re the main characters in the films, they won’t succumb to their nature and will triumph over any obstacle. But what unifies all characters is the fact that a calm mind helps them overcome any situation.

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There’s no question that Hollywood and the casino industry go hand in hand. This powerhouse also influences a variety of slot games, as any casino player will confirm. But ultimately, Hollywood movies are fiction, and as fictional interpretations, they need a bit of backstory to make them believable. That’s why Hollywood screenwriters have delved into the history of the casino industry and will continue to search for inspiration there. The casino culture may have moved online, but films will still portray characters in casino settings.