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Khalid Ahmed on How He Built His E-commerce Empires Through Cryptocurrency

Crypto assets have become one of the defining innovations of the past decade, and none have made a more significant impact than Bitcoin. Quickly emerging as one of the top cryptocurrencies, more people have found Bitcoin to be one of the most financially rewarding cryptos in the space. However, none have found this true more than Khalid Ahmed, who has delved into the cryptomarket with his brand ISELLCOIN.

Khalid Ahmed is among the youngest individuals today who have achieved financial success at only 24. However, unlike others who sought a comfortable lifestyle, his journey was dictated by the need to pay his medical bills. At nine years old, he was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease and went into septic shock. While it may have seemed like a curse at the time, Ahmed found the experience to be a blessing.

Ahmed spent most of his pre-teen years in the hospital room with the bills stacking up with his conditions. Finding it challenging to balance the bills, his parents lost their home in Victorville, California. When Ahmed learned about this, he made it his mission to ensure his family would never be in a similar situation again.

As a student in high school, Khalid Ahmed spent most of his time alone until he joined a crowd that talked about computer parts, graphic cards, and video games. When school ended, he flipped older computer parts he had from trying to get smoother frame rates in his game, helping him get small amounts of money to help his parents financially. But things changed when a client offered him a jaw-dropping price for 4 AMD Radeon Graphics cards. At the time, Ahmed believed the cards were for a game, but the client revealed that they would be used for Bitcoin.

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Since that day in 2015, Ahmed’s life has changed. First, he conducted research and fell in love with the decentralized financial world. Then, Ahmed started using 50% of the profits to buy as much Bitcoin as he could afford and took up a second job to pour money into Bitcoin. Although he poured in a small amount, Ahmed saw his thousands amount to six figures.

After selling some of his Bitcoin, Ahmed gave all the money to his parents, who bought a house in West Covina. Although he was successful in his personal mission, Ahmed continued to buy Bitcoin even as he entered college. In addition, he was able to continue investing thanks to his computer parts flipping business online through eBay.

“I expanded into selling fully-ready video game rigs with graphic cards included,” said Ahmed. “My business did well, and I began making contacts with suppliers in China.”

The partnerships opened the door to new successful e-commerce businesses that allowed him to lease multiple warehouses in the United States. Once he established himself, he cut ties with his former partners to manufacture and sell solely in the United States. Ahmed later sold his pocket knife company and outdoor niche store with enough money to retire his parents and get a second home in Ontario Ranch.

Khalid Ahmed is currently running his weighted blanket company and his computer parts company. He is also an angel investor, with most of his money going into Bitcoin and Ethereum. Recently, Ahmed has shifted his focus on NFTs.