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Detective Logan Solves the Case

Actor Chris Noth thinks the current Congress has “got to be the worst congress since right before the Civil War.”


He meant the one where pro-slavery white supremacist Southerners threatened to secede if anti-slavery Abraham Lincoln was elected president.

In an interview with HuffPost Live’s Marc Lamont Hill, Noth likened tea party-tilting House and Senate Republicans to “a bunch of Confederates.” He asked rhetorically, “why don’t they just secede from the Union?”

Detective Mike Logan -- I’m still a “Law and Order” fan – didn’t pull punches. Neither does Noth.

Hill quoted a Noth tweet: “The highest level of racism was showed…when Republicans forced a shutdown of our government, mostly because our president is black.”

Noth thinks “racism can be [an] unconscious knee-jerk reaction without people even knowing it.”

He cited the recent and painfully revealing episode of the “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” TV show in which some pedestrians on Hollywood Boulevard were caught, on camera, clueless that the Affordable Care Act and “Obamacare” are the same thing.

“As soon as they heard the word‘‘Obama,’ oh, no!’…I’m not saying that’s racist but what is in them that makes them react that way?”

Great question, officer.

Noth added, “The other thing is all this talk with some of these politicians who want to know whether he’s a citizen…I think that is racist.”

He recalled Obama’s 2009 state of the union address in which Republican Rep. Joe Wilson of South Carolina interrupted the president by shouting, “You lie!”

Noth said Wilson’s outburst revealed “that he doesn’t have the respect for the office. Why doesn’t he have the respect for the office for this man as opposed to others?”

Another great question, Detective Logan.

Noth doubts the Republicans would have shut down the government if Obama were white, but he conceded, “with these tea party guys, maybe it was inevitable.”

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Tea party Republicans and their fans on right-wing radio and TV and elsewhere blow fuses when anybody dares suggest their visceral hatred for Obama might be rooted in racism.

If it’s not racism, then what is it?

What else but racial hatred motivated a Texan named Michael Ashmore to wave a big Confederate flag in front of the White House the other day?

Ashmore was one of the white folks who came to the capital for the “Million Vet March on the Memorials,”which turned into a Republican dog-and-pony show at the World War II memorial starring Sens. Ted Cruz and Mike Lee and Sarah Palin. Some wacko named Larry Klayman grabbed the mike and fired up the crowd by calling the president a Muslim, a faith not generally favored by tea party white guys and gals, most of whom seem to be Christians of the Jesus-loves-me-but-He-can’t-stand-you persuasion.

After Cruz, Lee and Palin decamped, Ashmore moseyed over to where the Obamas live and took his stand with the Rebel banner in one hand and a U.S. Marine Corps flag in the other.

Irony is usually lost on the not-so-cerebral. The U.S. Marines fought on the Union side in the Civil War.

Anyway, tea party Olympians Cruz, Lee and Palin evidently were cool with what Klayman said and Ashmore did. Nary was heard a discouraging word from the tea party triune about the double-barrel bigotry.

“A symbol of Southern resistance and white supremacy unfurled in front of the home of the first black president of the United States,” the Washington Post’s Jonathan Capehartwrote of Ashmore’s asininity.

He added, “Ashmore’s actions and Klayman’s words are just the latest in a series of displays of disrespect directed at President Obama. For more than four years, the president’s detractors have said they ‘want our country back.’ But they never say from whom. They continue to say he should be impeached. But they never say what his ‘crimes’ [are] or, if they do, said ‘crimes’ are not grounded in any kind of reality.”

Capehart added, “For those of you who would push back by saying we’re overreacting, that the Confederate flag is nothing more than a symbol of regional pride, save it. That flag you revere so much is no better than a Swastika, a threatening symbol of hate that has no place in American political discourse.”

Capehart is African American. I’m a 63-year-old white guy.

I might believe that race has nothing to do with the anti-Obama spleen of ignoramuses like Ashmore, Klayman and the teahadists who wave “OBAMA’S PLAN WHITE SLAVERY” signs when hogs fly and kids don’t shoot hoops any more in the Bluegrass State, where I have lived for all of my life. Nah, I won’t believe it even then.


Berry Craig

Thursday, 17 October 2013