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5 Reasons Laverne Cox Should Be the Fifth Co-Host on The View

Frank McAlpin: Let me just say how unbelievably important and inspiring, on multiple levels, it would be if Laverne Cox joined The View permanently! She would the most fabulous fifth co-host. There would never be a lack of realness or epic feathered headpieces!

The brilliant and amazingly talented Laverne Cox co-hosted The View this past Wednesday and let me just say Ms. Cox was everything! She was a breath of fresh air, keeping it oh so real. I have always been a huge fan of The View, as I love outspoken women discussing current events and pop culture. I mean, what gay man doesn’t?

Laverne Cox

However, in recent years (since Rosie left The View the first time and Sherri Shepard stayed on) I haven’t watched that regularly. But seeing Laverne co-hosting this week I can’t help but wish and hope and cross by queer fingers, that she could sit with the ladies of The View everyday, as the fifth co-host of the ground-breaking talk show. There are so many reasons why Laverne is the only woman for the job but I will just give you 5….

  1. Laverne is a Possibility Model. Laverne represents to many in the queer community, particularly trans women of color what is possible for them. She has experienced many struggles and setbacks in her life, and has not just survived but thrived. And now has become one of the most visible and popular trans individuals in our society. Her voice and perspective, as a trans woman of color is deeply underrepresented in media and our society as a whole. Laverne brings a fresh perspective and her inclusion would no doubt serve as inspiration, not just to trans woman or those in the queer community but all folks who are marginalized.
  1. Laverne brought passion to hot topics. In the very popular and often heated hot topics segments, Laverne had no problem asserting her thoughts about the killing of teenager Michael Brown. She was without question the most forceful advocate for racial justice sitting at the table that day. She clearly and passionately put words to the worldwide hashtag #BlackLivesMatter, as possibly no one else did on broadcast television. Laverne pointed out that Michael Brown’s murder and the lack of an indictment of the police officer that shot Michael to death, is an example of the continued demonization of black people in our society. She also called out the police officers lack of “humanity” when speaking about the murder. Laverne reminded all those that listening across our nation that the humanity of young black people needs to be recognized and cherished and rallied against our culture of violence and lack of accountability for police misconduct.
  1. Laverne keeps it real. In watching her on The View this past week as well as watching other interviews she has done (confession I don’t watch Orange is the New Black… I know, not okay) Laverne comes across very authentic. The expression of her thoughts and feelings seem to be genuine and come from a lived experience that is rooted in being truthful to herself. From the very beginning of the show, when she and the other ladies were dancing to Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way”, I immediately connected to her. Her warmth, humor, passion, outrage, intelligence and joy came right through the screen and touched me. When watching her on TV, I got the same feeling I get when watching Oprah. It’s a feeling of connection, of understanding. The feeing that I know her, that she is my friend. Yes, I just compared Laverne to Oprah, just keeping it real!
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  1. Laverne gets real with Whoopi. When Whoopi was complaining about Ferguson protesters in New York stopping traffic and disrupting her commute home Laverne had no problem keeping it real with her. After Whoopi stopped complaining (which she made very funny) Laverne said, “Whoopi, can I just tell you… To have a real revolution we are gonna be inconvenienced a little bit, baby.” It was pure perfection! And let’s keep the revolution going!
  1. Laverne had a better headpiece than Lady Gaga. So if you watched Wednesday’s episode you would know that it was extra queer. Besides Laverne co-hosting the show, Lady Gaga stopped by with her recent duet partner Tony Bennett to chat with the ladies and SING! PS the performance was stunning! Naturally Lady Gaga was fabulous, complete with a feathered headpiece, as only Gaga could pull of. Not to be out done by Gaga, Laverne also put on her own fabulous black feathered headpiece. In a battle of the feathered headpieces, Laverne edged out Gaga by a feather!

So let me just say how unbelievably important and inspiring, on multiple levels, it would be if Laverne Cox joined The View permanently! She would the most fabulous fifth co-host. There would never be a lack of realness or epic feathered headpieces!

frank mcalpin

Frank McAlpin